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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Word for the Day

Norman Rockwell – The Golden Rule
: a collection of resources available or utilized for an undertaking or field of activity;
He helped establish the microscope as a regular and essential component of the general neurosurgical armamentarium.
Michael L. J. Apuzzo
Our undertaking/field of activity? Save our country – take it back from the rapacious, racist, bullying traitors to democracy (AKA the Republican Party, AKA the New Nazi Party).

We need to stock up our collective and individual armamentaria.

Consider making a donation to the ACLU and do check out their People Power page.
People Power is ACLU's grassroots army. We work with volunteers and supporters in every corner of the country to defend civil liberties and civil rights.
And check out Flippable – it’s The movement to flip states blue and restore our democracy. 

No. 5, 1948 – Jackson Pollock
A few words from Henry Rollins:
I hate “we’re fucked.”

I mean, I don’t want to shame anyone who has said it, thought it, or posted it. I have too. But as a philosophy, as a statement of belief, I hate it. Because it means you’ve given up.
We are absolutely NOT fucked.

Things are so bad. This country has taken a turn that I could never have predicted. It is absolutely fascist, nativist, and extremist. It’s every bit as scary as it seems.
But we are not fucked.
Our best bet - better, even, than all of our protests and actions - is actually voting.

It’s so square. It’s so old-fashioned. Many of us involved with the hard-left or anarchist scene have been trained to disregard it.

Fucking don’t. NOT NOW, guys.
Go read the rest of his post, I’ll be here when you get back.

Shower Cap has a list of candidates (with helpful linky-links) for the House who:
A) Have already won their primaries and 
B) Are running in districts rated most competitive by Cook.  
He lists the eight in-danger Democratic Senators and four candidates who, should they win, will give us the Senate.

I’m light years away from financially comfy but I just sent a few shekels to Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona and Beto O’Rourke in Texas. I bet you part with a greenback or two too.
Christina's World – Andrew Wyeth
We need both House and Senate. NEED!

On a personal, more immediate level, what can I do if I see someone being bullied?
1) Stay calm. Channel my inner Obama.
2) Step in between the asswipe antagonist and their prey. Ask the person if they want help. Wait for the YES, then take their hand and walk away together.
What if the the AA has a weapon or there’s a bunch of AAs? Start loudly chanting 911 (here in the U.S.).  Call the cops immediately.

What if I’m deaf (and I am) and can’t make a voice call to 911? I can speak BUT I wouldn’t hear any of what the 911 operator would be saying.

Can I text 911? Eh, maybe and maybe not. It's possible in some areas but it’s unclear where and not.

I’ve got Innocaption though. It's an app which connects me to a live stenographer who captions whatever the person I’ve called says.
When you dial 911 using the InnoCaption App, your call is put ahead of other callers using InnoCaption. Your call will be connected to InnoCaption Emergency Call Center first, and then is routed to an appropriate Public Service Answering Point (PSAP). The operator will ask for your name, location (street address, city, state) and call back number(InnoCaption number) to provide to the 911 center in case the call is dropped. (source)
I may be deaf and tippy but I can fight.

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