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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Müde City

I’m tired – exhausted even. OF COURSE I am – I’ve been having one helluva stretch of days.

Yesterday was, wonderfully, hospital-free. The Neuro Clinic never returned Jen’s phone call. This says to me that either:
  • they reviewed my test results and deemed me non-critical/no worries.
  • they’re incompetent jerks.
I’m going with option uno (but they still should've called!). I hope to stay outta MGH and, instead, be home napping today with my faithful guard cat. Hopefully my siestas will be dreamless or, better yet, they’ll be packed with visions of happy dancing unicorns with cheery bunny rabbits and mellow, fluffy sheep. Oh and there should be musical accompaniment by, let’s see, Satie, Debussy and Eno. Yup, that's today's script. Places everyone!

Meanwhile, here, have some sunrise and ocean. Yur welcome.

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