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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

In the Background

While the Distractor in Chief has been OH so busy at the Helsinki Treason Fest, his Republican asstunes have been busy here at home.

Puerto Rico continues to experience Republican Government FAIL.
FEMA has either denied or not answered 79 percent — almost eight-in-ten — of the appeals, leaving residents and officials worried about the fate of their dwellings as the island faces another hurricane season. (source)
You remember Hurricane Maria, right? Happened just nine weeks shy of one year ago. President BungTrumpet didn’t give his incompetent, don’t-count-on-us-to-do-our-jobs FEMA director a heck of a job, Brownie" pat. Nope. Our Distractor in Chief praised himself. Of course.
The We’re Taking You Back to the Dark Ages Party has decided that it’s AOK to discriminate against qualified prospective parents if they’re, ya know, gay.
The Republican majority in the House Appropriations Committee voted to approve an amendment allowing taxpayer-funded adoption agencies to deny services to LGBTQ families. (source)
Yup, it's better to deny children loving and supportive homes than *SHRIEK, HORROR* have them brought up by people who vote Blue, eh?
The majority of children who were horrifically, barbarously ripped away from their asylum seeking parents have not been returned to them. And, as of July 9th, (last Monday!!!), only two out of 102 children under the age of five (ya know, toddlers and babies!) had been reunited with their parents.

The WH is NOW saying that “all eligible small children separated from their families as a result of its zero-tolerance immigration policy have been reunited with their parents."
nearly half of the children under 5 remain separated from their families because of safety concerns, the deportation of their parents and other issues, the administration said. (source)
Children UNDER FIVE! These are babies!
July 26 is the court-ordered deadline for the government to reunite separated children ages 5 to 17 with their families. That means reuniting as many as 2,551 kids in less than two weeks.
But there’s no real plan (just airy, fairy flowcharts) as to how they’ll meet that goal.

The Party of Lincoln is now the Child Abuse Party. This, mon ami, is just one astonishingly mondo example of their devolution.
California’s on fire.
Global warming means less soil moisture on average, which means that stuff burns more easily. (Particularly if you’re in a drought-stricken area with a lot of dead, dry trees, for example. 
“Fires tend to be associated with hotter drier weather, everything else being equal,” said Benjamin Bond-Lamberty, an ecosystem ecologist with the Joint Global Change Research Institute…(source)
Having one’s head wedged way the fuck up one’s buttocks regarding human caused climate change is, rock solidly, what it means to be a Republican.
The Zombie Eyed Granny Starver ixnayed the vote on whether ICE (AKA the Child Abuse Squad) should be abolished. Republicans, thinking that Democrats would either vote solidly for abolition (thus killing the coming Blue Wave?) OR go half/half and look weak (the HORROR!), pictured it as win/win (all about gamesmanship and Party over Country for these freakazoidal fuckwads).
Ryan (R-Wis.) was concerned about a third option: that Democrats wouldn't vote at all, or uniformly oppose it, making Republicans look silly
OOOOOOO, they'd be exposed as charlatanic, manipulative weasel pricks. We can't have that!

So, while the Orange Assfaced Toddler in Chief has been doing his Distract-a-thon job, his Prossy Party's been busy.


  1. We lost a firefighter out here on the High Desert this afternoon. As usual, only preliminary information is available, and the entire community is pretty tight faced right now. Cigarette butt.

  2. Yes, they are allowing adoption agencies to use a religious "get out of jail free card" when it comes to discriminating against gay people in general. Oh, and the Justice Department doesn't want employers to be barred from discriminating based on sexual orientation.

    So all those great steps we made over the past ten years are, well, starting to look almost tentative.

    1. More reason than ever to get out and vote while we still can!