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Sunday, September 9, 2018

The Slack-Jaw Tour Continues

Who wrote the-call-is-coming-from-within-the-house ‘resistance’ op-ed?

You know, the one that was all hail to the glorious smashing of the Poors and all hail Wall St/Rich über alles and lets NOT let the fluorescent Orange one ruin our obscene wealth by being, ya know, as seriously batshit insane as he obvs is.

Ten and I were discussing this over brekkie yesterday morning. I suspect Ivanka, and Ten can totes see it. Huh? In her O.J.-esque efforts to find the real, traitorous author, she's attempting to throw scrutiny off herself and that dipshitted, skinny grifter-fraud she’s married to.

It’s click bait-y diversionary drivel.

Like her bean-addled reality TV pater, she knows how to shift short attention spanned human focus from what’s truly important. Like, fer instance, the 500 kids, ripped from their parents at the border, who’ve not yet been reunited with their parents. More than a month has passed since the deadline to have this done.

The Trump Administration – Making Nazi Bullshit Great Again

And that’s just one of this Republican shitshow’s crimes. Bop over to Shower Cap’s joint for a run down all the news that’s got me wanting an all day Jameson’s IV drip.

But HEY, I’m on vaca. What went down here on the High Desert yesterday?

Ten and I had a lovely walk around Downtown Bend before it became inundated by shoppers and diners. After that we continued our Let’s Watch Donna Be Slack-jawed With Awe Tour. Yeah sure, we’d  intended to do nada but chill yesterday But since when do I keep to a plan?

We started at Tumalo Falls and HIKED! Ok, Ten was mostly just strolling. Me? I huffed, puffed, tripped, begged for mercy and held onto guardrails and him for dear life. I am SO outta shape! OK, I held onto Ten for other non-tippy and tumbling reasons too but, I’ll betcha you knew that.

Not only did I get to goggle some aMAZing beauty, I got historized. In ’79 there was a devastating conflagration here and Ten was part of the firefighting team. Yes…DEEP SWOON!!! Ten was saving trees and y’all know that I have a serious thing about trees.

Later we drove up to Newberry National Volcano Monument. Utterly astounding! Lava flows – I saw lava flows!
I woulda loved To walk around a bit but:
  1. we were at 8000 feet. Mon ami, I live at sea level – extreme elevations and me aren’t so much on speaking terms .
  2. our little (very little) hike at Tumalo Falls had done me in. I was up for sitting, slack-jawed staring. That’s it! If I haven’t mentioned this already, I seem to no longer have other facial expressions. I blame Ten. Naturally!
What's on tap for today? Not too bloody much. I need a break from all the gawking at natural wonders. Rilly. My jaw's starting to think that it's supposed to be down at my knees.

Mebbe today we'll look at art and/or the insides of our eyelids or something. Yeah, that's the ticket!


  1. Who wrote the-call-is-coming-from-within-the-house ‘resistance’ op-ed?

    Not really seeing this individual as a hero. First because the author clearly wrote that he or she like trump's policies. Secondly because hiding behind anonymity and continuing to work for someone who the author clearly thinks is danger to the country and world is not an example of courage. If for some insane reason I worked for trump and came to believe he was not fit for office, I would run screaming to the NY Times and Washington Post to make my case in public.