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Monday, September 10, 2018

Chill Day

Yesterday was our offical Chill Day. The only place we drove to was downtown Bend.

We laid in the gorgeous Drake Park, duck and people watched, and then we wandered, checking out galleries and cute shops. Also, there’s a bunch of pretty damn cool street art here.

Okay, we also drove by Ten’s latest creation. He’s built a beautiful, extensive frog pond (a “water feature” if you wanna get all technical and shit) as well as transforming the rest of the lucky client’s backyard. My Ten – he’s a regular Frederick Law Olmsted. Ya know!

Continuing in our chillification, we spent the evening reading in bed. SO wonderfully comfortable!!!

On tap for today – we leave Bend, heading north to the Painted Hills and someplace nearby that’s rife with fossils. Jesus I’m psyched!

Below – cool art seen here.
not sure but I believe this one is by Peter Wright
Peter Wright
Geoffrey Gorman
Rebecca Haines
Geoffrey Gorman

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