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Friday, January 11, 2019

The Week That Wuz

My totes stylin’ eye surgeon, Dr. Emma Davies, was wearing a beaded and sequined mini sheath dress under her official doctor coat yesterday. On her feet? A modest pair of glitter pumps.

The colors on her sheath shifted from very dark yet sparkly, to somewhat less dark – with glinting, shimmering jewel tones. Christ on crystal beads people, if this was my last slice up with the good eye doc, she most def gave me a MOST spectacular send off!

And, in case you missed it (here, outside of MGH/MEEI World):

Apparently our reality show prez is either WAY overdoing or totes off his meds again. He’s watched Mad Max too many times and thinks (or just wants US to think) that our Southern border is being overrun by Coma-Doof Warriors, Toe-Cutters, Feral Kids and Master Blasters ALL in triptastic death, destruction and drug dealing cars.

Obvs, in 45’s wrecked and delusional bean, he sees himself as either The Nightrider or as Mad Max himself.

I don’t hate to break this to ya Spud but, though Max still exists, Imperator Furiosa, a chick baby-doll, is the real hero now. Word to the dim? Next time you think about grabbing some 13 year old child's pussy, you might wanna consider that she may be a scion of Furiosa.Ya may not make it out with that disgusting, wee mushroom todger intact.

Then there's our bud, Michael D. Cohen...
President Trump’s former personal lawyer who implicated him in a scheme to pay hush money to two women claiming to have had affairs with him, (just FYI, he did this while running for prez which is, ya know, against the law) has agreed to testify before the House Oversight Committee next month and give “a full and credible account” of his work for Mr. Trump. (source)
Will this be televised? If so, I’ll need to lay in a good stock of Skinny Pop and Jamo.

Stunned Democrats emerged from the meeting in the White House Situation Room declaring that the president had thrown a “temper tantrum” and slammed his hands on the table before leaving with an abrupt “bye-bye.” (source)
The can’t-speak-the-truth-on-a-bet, temper tantrum toddler (astoundingly, elected prez through the wholly undemocratic bullshit Electoral College. And, oh yeah, Putin too), did NOT like that Nancy – a chick fer god’s sake and ALSO the powerful Speaker of the House – said no dice to his obscenely wasteful, pointless, nothing-more-than-a-monument-to-his-ego Wall.

Poor baby! His astoundingly spineless, gelatin beaned, Republican/Fascist Party is following his treacherous fat ass lead with more obfuscations and flat out lies:
In another bit of rampant gaslighting, Republicans have now suggested it's Democrats who are fixated on the idea Trump wants a literal wall—as if the last three years did not happen, and Trump did not always say it would be concrete and 30 feet high, (source)
And the clan of wretched spawn of one of Satan’s lesser demons, the ones tasked with advising the inadvisable Tangerine Twat, are pushing for him to declare a state of emergency so’s he can, not get his Wall built but, “save face.”

Can The Id Who's Eating the World actually get away with stealing taxpayer money for his Golden CalfPossibly but it’s doubtful the scheme could really work. Courts and lawyers, ya see. Legal quagmire and all that.

This isn't even half the crimes, sins, idiocies and misdemeanors that the Puerile Pile of Puke and his faithful Republican/Fascists have committed (or attempted) this week.

We live in obscenely exhausting times, mes amis!

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