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Tuesday, August 13, 2019


Apparently it was a busy weekend for the microscopically dicked Amurikkkan set, (I got me a BIG ass gun and that makes my pee-pee look HUGE, right?)

Frankly, I think this is a plot to make Walmart synonymous with death (not just poverty level wages and destruction of mom and pops). Ya know, make shoppers too afraid to pass though the doors of Cheap, Badly Made, Crap Heaven. This MIGHT be a dark pay back scheme perpetrated by very organized, deeply disgruntled, sick and sick-of-the-slave-wages workers. OR it’s being done up by vengeful former small biz owners who’ve been forced into bankruptcy by the Walton's inhumane unscrupulous biz model.

Looka here, I’ve created my own bullshit conspiracy theory!!
The whole thing began with the murder of John Crawford III, by a police officer, in an Ohio Walmart for his crime of shopping while black.

In Miami-Dade, on December 9th, 2018 a gunman opened fire just outside the Walmart on Northwest 79th Street and Northwest 32nd Avenue. No one was physically injured.The threat was enough.

At a Suburban Philadelphia Walmart there was an argument at a cash register where a dude whipped out his penis substitute. Again no actual murder but there was plenty of mayhem – five people got fucked up.

Huntersville, North Carolina's Walmart was the scene of a murder in late May.

Early June of this year brought a murder just outside the front door of a Merritt Florida Walmart. 

There was the Juy 30th murder of two people in the Southaven, Mississippi Walmart.

And, of course, there’s the Trump inspired El Paso Texas Walmart Massacre where 21 human lives were horrifically stolen on August 3rd, just ten days ago.

Gun toting ghouls have been busy little midget dicked bees in that week and a half since then.
Police in Springfield, Missouri, said they arrested a man who showed up Thursday at a Walmart store carrying a rifle and wearing body armor, terrifying shoppers who fled from the store. Springfield police posted on Facebook that "an armed individual" was arrested. No shots were fired. CBS News' Tom Hanson reports.  (source)

A Florida white supremacist has been arrested for threatening a shooting at a Walmart just days after 22 people were killed at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, in one of the worst mass shootings in the country’s modern history.  (source)
A happy carnival ride. Hey, I gotta have some pretty amongst all the fury!
My Walmart conspriacy theory's fallen apart with the arrest of the Las Vegas neo-Nazi who was plotting to bomb a synagogue and a gay night club.
Conor Climo, 23, who worked as a security guard, allegedly was found to be in possession of bomb-making materials and was “communicating with individuals who identified with a white supremacist extremist organization using the National Socialist Movement to promote their ideology,” according to the FBI. (source)
Apparently all or most of the recent big gun violence is authored NOT by folks who want to shoot the Waltons in the wallet but by white supremacist terrorists. Shit House pResident 45 doesn't want us to know this though. A report was done by the New Jersey’s Office of Homeland Security Preparednes. It showed that 25 of 32 domestic terrorism incidents were identified as white supremacists
The document includes data Congress has sought from the Trump administration but the Justice Department has been “unable or unwilling” to provide. (source)
And who heads the the so called Justice Department? Oh yeah, that weasel dicked Trump puppet, Willaim Barr,


  1. More Americans have died in WalMart this year that Afghanistan.

    1. Than this year in Afghanistan – I have NO doubt whatsoever.