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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

I Only Mention It But....

There are things that we never want to let go of – the perfect pair of shoes, the BEST cat, the fave T-shirt, the car that’s like another room of your house.

People too. Saying goodbye can be mega painful even if you know for a fact that your decision to cut the cord was rock solid smart. There’s still gonna be sadness, melancholy, anger, resentment AND aftershocks. A month after the fact, you may feel all hunky dory, happy as hell not to be with that toxic bag of rabid weasel vomit anymore BUT reverberations happen. Beware and expect those triggering aftershocks – they can come, seemingly, outta nowhere.

Letting go MIGHT feel like the end of the world but know this – it’s the beginning of your new life. New adventures and opportunities are out there waiting for you.

Change is hard though. You may feel bleak as fuck. Don’t sink into the bottle. The bottle doesn’t hold solutions. It’ll numb you, sure, but while it’s doing that it’ll cause a whole oceanliner’s worth of other probs. And don’t hook up with the first lit candle who comes your way. Give yourself time and space to recover – you need this.

It may seem obvious to you now that this ex was always a walking dumpster fire. Don’t blame yourself for not seeing it before or getting out earlier. Giving yourself a raft of shit is a waste of time and precious energy. Instead learn the lesson(s) you can from it all and focus on shaping your new, better world.

Try not to isolate yourself. You ARE loved and we want to help, even if all we can give is a shoulder to bitch and cry on.

Assess your current sitch, your friends and assorted loved ones. Who’s helping. Who’s taking and not giving back. Who’s helping but mebbe the emotional price you’re shelling out for that assistance is a little to steep right now? You don't need to get rid of folks who you truly love but, could be, it’s time for a wee break.

YOU COME FIRST! Survive the break up and rebuild. You can do this!

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