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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Art Cure

 I am abso-fucking-lutely in LURV with John Atkinson’s mind! Also, I like his cartooning style. He’s got a book out – Abridged Classics: Brief Summaries of Books You Were Supposed to Read but Probably Didn’t – which I, naturally, MUST have.

Which reminded me of another fave cartoonist – Isabella Rotman. I discovered her work in a small comic book shop in San Francisco. She self-publishes – do I gotta go back to that little shop on the Haight to buy more of her goods? NO!

For starters there’s a page on her website entitled “Comics You Can Read Online For Free; because I am a kind and benevolent cartoonist.” But there’s also an online store for all of my fellow ink on paper fans! 
I came across this brill, should-be-standard-across-the-country program whilst perusing Colossal the other day:
"Project Reset offers a constructive approach to minor crime, expanding the array of options available to law enforcement. Traditionally, police and prosecutors have had only two responses to choose from: either prosecution—and, in some cases, jail—or releasing people without a meaningful response from the justice system. Project Reset offers a third option, giving participants the possibility to avoid court and a criminal record by completing community-based programming. The program holds people accountable for their actions while promoting healing and strengthening public trust in the justice system." (source)
“Conceptually, we do things that allow people to use arts to reflect on their behavior and the injustices of the system, that it can be a constructive experience for people,” says Mansky.
"The organization offers youth photography workshops, as well “a tremendous amount of place-making work”, Mansky explains. Much of their programming incorporates design and urban planning, as well as creative technology." (source)
 What the hell is placemaking?
the deliberate re-shaping of the built environment to facilitate social interaction and improve quality of life. (source)
Some examples of placemaking here, here and here.

While tidying my always cluttered desktop I came across this painting as JPG) by my friend and college drawing prof, Jim Innes. I saw it live and in person at a post life show of his work in Pennsylvania (where he taught) and so wish I could’ve brought it home. I want to know the story behind the text at the top: Free At Last, Psyche Undergoes Metamorphosis. How was Jim freed? What sparked the metamorphosis? I’m afraid I’ll never know the answers.

I’m two days out from gettin the scoop on whether this is a brain surgery year or no. IF my symptoms (extra added tippiness, grossly decayed handwriting and daily, though not constant, headaches) would be relieved, I’d wholeheartedly welcome surgery. Hell, I would anyway.

Why? It feels like there are ratfucking, time bombs ticking away in ma tête. I want these trespassers outta the pool NOW.

What to do to chill myself out until Thursday’s appointment? PAINT!
The ideal of calm exists in a sitting cat.
~ Jules Renard
and meditate with Coco, my guru.

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