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Friday, May 22, 2020

A Few Things

Ten sent pics from Oregon!
1) It’s NOT a good idea to read one’s MRI reports without having the actual scans (and one of them ultra smart, top neurologists) handy. Why would I do this and how is it possible?

The Patients Gateway site auto sends me all my test results. OF bloody COURSE I read them Do I understand them? Not usually BUT I’m mega motivated to stay on top of all my bullshit bodily challenges.

The MRIs are an exception to my general med report ignorance. NO, I don’t grok them like Docs Plotkin and Barker BUT I CAN get a good sense of wut up in Bean Central. After all, Baby’s first neurologist, Doctor Ojeman (AKA God) taught me how to read (and evaluate) those suckers.

The Trump Plague bullshit has thrown a spanner into my semiannual tumor trials. The scan report hit my Patients Gateway inbox AFTER my online appointment with Plotkin. AND, because the meeting was online, I didn’t get to view the MRIs with him.

Text without visuals is scary…for me anyway. I wanna SEE what I’m up against. For some odd reason, I find that calming. Nothing’s any different from what Doc P. and I discussed on Tuesday – I’m in for more brain slice and dice action (if I don’t make the INTUITT-NF2 clinical trials team), this coming winter. I’ve done this dance half a dozen or so times before – I can do it again. Yes it’s scary but, Hell’s bells, I’m in the goddamn pro-brain surgery leagues – I've got the T-shirt and everything.

2) If one is looking to get snot slinging schnockered because, fer instance, one’s MRI report was a bit hair-raising, it’s best NOT to do this with Jen. I hear you asking, “what the fuck’s up with THAT shit, Donna?” Well, it’s like this – while Jen crafts a brill cocktail, she serves it up in wee demitasse cups. WHY? Because it slows us down so’s we don’t drink too much, becoming freakazoid zombie alkies. It’s so we stay healthy and shit. Dig?

Just FYI, four tiny cups of cocktail (which, I suspect, was mostly fruit juice anyway) did not bring me to my knees at the porcelain gates. Yur shocked, right? I was def calmed down but that probably had more to do with a rousing convo about our fave songs/albums.

I asked, if you had to pick just ONE album to listen to for the rest of your life, which would it be? (Oni picked something by Coltrane. Jen chose Green Day and I picked The Jeff Beck Group’s disc Truth.

We have some seriously diverse musical tastes here in Valhalla.

3) When we come out of this lockdown thing, when shops are open once more, BUY SHIT FROM INDEPENDENT RETAILERS, NOT the greedheaded piggies who soaked up all the Plague aid that was meant to go to small businesses! For that matter, if you’re looking to pick up a birthday prezzie or something of that sort, buy from local artisans.

Consider shopping with, fer instance:
  • Rustic Spirits. They make an abso-fucking-brill margarita. It’s premixed in a wine type bottle. It’s light, NOT too sweet and just tasty as fuck. The dude who crafts this is local and a customer of Jen’s.
  • Jasmine Keane. This is my pal Brenda. She makes THE most beautiful, funky, cool glass bead jewelry (AND accessories…like wine bottle stoppers and more)
That's it – happy Friday! It IS Friday...right?

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