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Saturday, May 19, 2018


With yesterday’s school massacre, the 22nd of 2018, kids are now, statistically, at far greater risk in home room than they would be in a war zone. Twice as many children have died this year, murdered by our fellow U.S. citizens wielding weapons of war, AR-15s, than have perished during military service.

Your sweet tweens and teens are in more danger at Humboldt (or where ever) High than they are in Kabul.

Chart from the Washington Post
Those active shooter drills that our children now endure, the mantras they’re expected to recite, do these do any fucking good AT ALL? Does having them chant – Run, hide, fight. Shelter in place. If you see something, say something – stop their blood from flowing, does it keep their hearts beating?

Seems about as useful as 1950s Duck and Cover drills.Ya know, either the bomb hits and you’re vaporized or  it doesn’t and you aren’t. Either a violently unhappy, gun-humping bastard with an AR-15 blows you away or he doesn’t.

What do these useless drills accomplish?
Ryan Marino, an emergency-medicine physician at the University of Pittsburgh, recalled that his school had adopted the drills during that period, after a student was found to have a “death list” and access to guns. He told me the drills didn’t seem real until he was 12, and a fellow student coughed during one of the drills. “The teacher told us that if this had been real, we would all be dead.”
Despite some similarities to natural-disaster and Cold War drills, active-shooter drills also mean exposing kids to the idea that at any point, someone they know may try to kill them.
“I will never be able to explain it well, but losing a feeling of safety as a child, especially at school, is a major thing,” said Marino, the emergency physician who was terrified to cough. “Anyone who has not gone through school with active-shooter drills can never understand what it feels like.” (source)
The child COUGHED and was excoriated, blamed and shamed by his teacher in front of the whole class. School is becoming/has become Ender's Game.

Is this a real smart way to raise secure, confident, compassionate, humane, intelligent and happy adults or is this a recipe for cold, cynical, sad and anxiety riddled future assassins of America? Wouldn't it be a WHOLE lot simpler to take weapons of war OUT of the civilian realm? Wouldn't that make all of us a fuck-ton more safe?
Isabelle Laymance, a 15-year-old who said she was inside one of the classes where the shooting took place, said the attacker shot an officer when police began to speak to him. The attacker repeatedly told police he would surrender if they talked to him, Laymance said.
“He kept saying if I come out, don’t shoot me,” she said. “They didn’t shoot him, they just put him in handcuffs.”
And this, of course, tells me the killer was a white boy. A black male doesn’t need to have committed multiple murders or even be armed to be shot down – holding a cell phone or a shower head’s enough to warrant death.

There are 171 days until November 6th and the midterm elections. If you aren't already, get registered! Let's vote all these on-the-take, fraudulent thoughts-and-prayers charlatans OUT.

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