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Tuesday, May 22, 2018


I want a goddamn, motherfucking, valium laced, make-me-smile-like-it’s-my bleedin’-wedding-day, happy, fucking, ending! And I’m NOT talkin’ masseuse lingo here either.

And they lived happily ever after – is that really too much to ask from my movies and fiction? Honest to Bast here mon ami, I KNOW life’s no bowl of Bings topped with hand beaten whip cream. Got that. Seen the tape. It’s understood.


How much more women, poors, brown and black-hating Republican subversions of justice am I supposed to take? How much more of these blatantly rapacious, scum-sucking, felonious shit bags and their extraneous crimes will we have to put up with?

Blue yes but not quite the tsunami
Yes, it’s damn likely there’ll be a blue tsunami come November but will this country still exist then? Will Republicans and that toxic neon apricot twat of a prez outlaw the elections? Will they, after losing BIGLY, invalidate the results – call it FAKE NEWS and claim the real and true winners are their child molesting, murderous, anger-management needing cons, I mean candidates. Honest folks!

Maybe Assface von Golfstick won’t be able paper over reality with lies, tweets, lackeys and more of them AND cheap-ass gold paint?

In the meantime, I SO need escape. I need books and movies where, fer fuck’s sake, the side of good actually triumphs.

Jen, Oni and I had been watching the TV show Grimm. In the beginning, like a German fairy tale/Disney hybrid, all the eps had happy endings. Yeah sure, they’d take me down through the Valley of Doom and shit but everything  would work out all nicey nice in la end. I liked this…a LOT.

I KNOW life’s not so pat – HONEST and TRUE. I’m hip that precious few of us see those and-they-lived-happily-ever-after and carrot-cake-with-cream-cheese-frosting-has-no-calories endings. WHATEVAH! I’ve even figured out that, in real life, Prince Charming doesn’t live forever. I knew mine wouldn’t but, just like the fantasy of simultaneous orgasms, I entertained a flimsy, fairy tale notion that The Amazing Bob and I would expire at PRECISELY the same moment.

Yes, I knew I was being silly as fuck but,...fuck...we all need fluffy kitten dreams from time to time. Amirite or what? You know I am!

Which brings me back to fiction, TV, big Hollywood movies – that’s what they’re for! ESCAPE!

I need some new humor laced, tart-tongued fantastic-world yarns to buoy me until November.

Jen and Oni just found the show Eureka.
When a small Pacific Northwest town boasts more eccentric geniuses per capita than anywhere else in the world, and when they are each working on their own secret projects, a lot of strange things tend to happen. (source)
We’ve watched a couple eps and, so far, I likey this. I’m afraid we’re gonna burn through this fast so…emmm…more please. Got any suggestions? Books? TV? Movies?


  1. Do you guys have Netflix? There's 'Stranger Things' which I think you'd love. Then, 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' which is better than the original film. The remake of 'Lost in Space' isn't bad, either, certainly for light escapist entertainment. I'm a big fan of 'The Durrells' which is not sci fi or speculative/supernatural BUT is really wonderful--it's about a mother and four kids who move to Corfu in the 1930s and based on the true-life story 'My Family & Other Animals' (just not sure it's on Netflix, you might have to try PBS).

  2. If you like Grimm, try Supernatural which you can stream all 13 season on Netflix. The series is built along the same lines as Grimm but it's more gritty. The mood of the episodes can run from deadly serious to outright self-deprecating comedy.

    I personally like Bosch- a cop drama on Amazon Prime. The stories are told from the fictional Harry Bosch perspective, so everything leans his way but in my opinion the show never crosses a line supporting police brutality.

    1. Cool – I'll look for those. I've read a bunch of the Harry Bosch books and liked them – didn't know there was a show too. Thanks!