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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Legion of Monsters

An agent jokes, “Well, we have an orchestra here,” he jokes. “What’s missing is a conductor.”, about the desperately sobbing, scared crapless children who‘ve been torn from their parents. (source)
That vile pool of rabid dachshund vomit, Ann Coulter, says these utterly distraught and terrified four, six, eight year old children are nothing more than child actors.

Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s ex-campaign manager, took a page from the Orange Obscenity’s playbook and mocked a 10-year-old girl with Down syndrome who’d been ripped from her mother and put into a cage.

Media Matters has a round up of the right-wing propaganda fuckers' vulgar spewings on 45 and his Republican Party’s latest, most abominable, crime against humanity. Ya know, in case you've not thrown up enough this morning.

The saintly FLOTUS says, through a spokesperson (who's likely the author), that she hates to see children separated from their families. Nonetheless, she backs up her criminally and shamelessly cruel and disgusting husband by calling for both sides to come together to reach a solution. 

A word, Hon?
I only mention it but it wasn’t "both sides" who brought about this monstrous crime. It was your horror show husband's policy, SweetCheeks. Your violently mentally disturbed, lying, fat assed husband could stop this insanity today – right this very minute. We all know he won’t though. He’s holding these precious children for ransom. That heinous grotesquerie you chose to marry, is banking on us rolling over, caving to his every vile, deplorable whim. For him and his lackeys, these innocents are nothing but expendable pawns in the quest for that transparently moronic, squandering monument to his repulsive self – the border wall. 
You, Melania dearie, are complicit.
As is every person who defends this treasonous, corrupt, illegitimate administration.

Who’s profiting from the horror inflicted on these children and their parents?
The actions Donald Trump, his sycophant Stephen Miller and Minister of White Supremacy Jeff Sessions are taking today are a huge payoff to the prison lobbyists and the border security industry that spent millions helping to get Donald Trump elected. (source)
The private prison industry, with slimy players like the GEO Group, are seeing the spondulucks roll in as ICE arrests double. ICE doesn’t care whether you’re a Bad Hombre or a solid citizen, nope. They’re just the hunters, the thuggish goons, the tools of the big money bigots in the White House.

November's election is so fucking far away!


  1. There's not much that can be added to this. On some of the right-wing Christian websites, the commenters seem to be settling on the idea that the migrant parents are actually child sex traffickers falsely claiming the children are theirs, and that's why they have to be separated. Shows the extent of the self-delusion people will resort to to cling to their support for Trump.

    1. ARGHHHHHH! I think I'm gonna go scream in the shower for an hour.

    2. If we go by the usual rules, anything Trump accuses others of, he is usually guilty of. He's pushing the sex traffic line. I wonder what that could mean?

    3. I was thinking exactly this yesterday!

      Not sure whether I'm gonna keep screaming or start crying. Probably both.