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Monday, December 9, 2019

On Duty

I think my formally dressed guard/nurse/caregiver cat knows that I'll be going away for a few days. I DID tell her and all but she tends to get distracted, especially when sparkly bits of fluff float by.

The last few mornings I've woken to find her performing her AM ablutions while perched on my side. Once finished she stands and stares down at Ten. What's going through that magic bean of hers? Possibly: WHO is this man and, more importantly, WHY isn't he patting me! Then she settles in to wait for me to haul my lazy keister up offa the rack. My girl is spectacularly patient.

I SO wish I could take her there. It'd be the perfect holiday for her. 24/7 chillage? OH YEAH! While Jen and I are floating in the lagoon, Coco could keep a close watch for passing bunnies, the odd reindeer and stray polar bears. (I wonder if they like Fancy Feast too. Oh sure...EVERYONE likes Fancy Feast!)

Good thing I've a near infinite amount of pics of her on my phone. Yes, I'm experiencing separation anxiety.

There are no strays wandering the halls of Silica Nirvana so I'll have to get my other-than-Coco cat fix via the endless supply of memes on das internet. Below are a few of my faves.
I'm NOT fat shaming this beautiful boy! No. I'm applauding his management skills.

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