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Monday, February 3, 2020

Getting Better All the Time

I’m still weak BUT every day I feel slightly less feeble and a teensy bit stronger. I’m able to do a smidge more of my we-can-rebuild-her exercises plus more walking.  

This morning, when Ten was off at the gym, I dared a promenade down to the seawall all by myself! Yes, I’ve been advised (OK, sternly instructed) to ALWAYS have Ten by my side when I’m out for walkies but I HAD to get down there for a pic – dawn was gorgeous. 

I went at a measured, creeping pace. I was painstakingly attentive and careful and made it down and back withOUT tripping, falling OR getting run over by A.M. commuters. It's true that we're just one house back from the water so this was little more than crossing the street. Still – YEA me!

I’m hoping my PTs give me the All Clear to return to the gym later this week. I totes understand that I won’t be able to do my pre-surgery 45-60 minutes on the elliptical. HONEST! I get that I need to take it slow and build back up. It’ll be frustrating BUT I’m eager to start this next recovery level.

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