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Sunday, February 2, 2020

OK, it’s like this

I want Adam Schiff to throw his hat in the ring. 

He’s smart as fuck. Stanford undergrad, majoring in both political science AND pre-med. He went on to get his law degree at Harvard.

He's 59 years old – NOT a septuagenarian like the current three front runners.

He’s got a history of fighting for America. As an assistant U.S. attorney in Los Angeles, Schiff successfully prosecuted Richard Miller, an FBI agent who was passing documents to what was then the Soviet Union.

And, of course, there’s his performance on the House Select Committee on Intelligence re: our narcissistic, self-serving, dimwitted, assholian pResident. Schiff’s words, his fabulous closing arguments told me what I need to know about him – he’s the one.
Why would anyone in their right mind believe Rudy Giuliani over Christopher Wray?
Because he wanted to and because what Rudy was offering him was something that would help him personally. And what Christopher Wray was offering him was merely the truth. What Christopher Wray was offering him was merely the information he needed to protect his country and its elections, but that’s not good enough. What’s in it for him? What’s in it for Donald Trump? This is why he needs to be removed.
If the truth doesn’t matter, we’re lost. Framers couldn’t protect us from ourselves, if right and truth don’t matter. And you know that what he did was not right. That’s what they do in the old country, that Colonel Vindman’s father came from. Or the old country that my great grandfather came from, or the old countries that your ancestors came from, or maybe you came from. But here, right is supposed to matter. It’s what’s made us the greatest nation on earth. No constitution can protect us, right doesn’t matter any more. And you know you can’t trust this President to do what’s right for this country. You can trust he will do what’s right for Donald Trump. He’ll do it now. He’s done it before. He’ll do it for the next several months. He’ll do it in the election if he’s allowed to. This is why if you find him guilty, you must find that he should be removed. Because right matters. Because right matters and the truth matters. Otherwise, we are lost. (source)
Coco approves of this message
WHY do I want someone new in the race at all?

Numero Uno – I’m beyond sick of the frat boy style bullying, shrimp-sighted BernieBros. Sanders says he can't “control how his followers communicated.”
Some progressive activists who declined to back Mr. Sanders have begun traveling with private security after incurring online harassment. Several well-known feminist writers said they had received death threats. (source) 
He should find a way to reign in these shitheels since, at min, their behavior obscures his message and makes him look bad.

Also too, Sanders is really OLD!

Numero Dos – I’d be OK with Biden (I MUCH prefer Warren) but he’s almost as ancient as Bernie. That’s worryingly old. America needs, I need, a good, solid Dem who can go two full terms. So MUCH work, to repair the country from the damage done by Moscow Mitch and Treason Trump is needed, dammit!

I WILL vote for whoever wins the primary – BLUE NO MATTER WHO – but someone younger, with less baggage would be preferable. Yes, I want someone I can really believe in (*cough* Elizabeth Warren *cough*) but, again, BLUE NO MATTER WHO
Dear Mr. Schiff,  
  Could you please consider running for Prez? 


  1. The deadlines for most states have passed, so it's probably not to be for 2020. I wouldn't be surprised to see Schiff as AG in a Democratic administration.

    1. DRAT!

      I'd like to see Kamala Harris as the next AG :-)

  2. I want him to stay in the House, and become Speaker when Rep. Pelosi decides to sheathe her stilettos.

    1. I agree one hundred percent. I am a resident of Schiff's district, and have thought for some time that he is the ideal person to become Speaker of the House after Nancy Pelosi.

  3. Numero Uno – I’m beyond sick of the frat boy style bullying, shrimp-sighted BernieBros. Sanders says he can't “control how his followers communicated.”

    Did you see the top Sanders campaign official (middle aged black woman with short dyed blond hair) yesterday getting all belligerent when someone challenged her on calling Bloomberg an "oligarch" because of the obvious implications of that word? She is an employee, and a top one, not just some random BernieBro supporter.

    1. so, not a white, entitled frat boy type but still belligerent. Sanders needs some folks in his camp who can communicate on an Obama-type level.

  4. I like Schiff but I don't actually know what his policy positions are. Policy is more important than personality or resume'.
    Does he support Medicare for all? A Green New Deal?

    1. Yeah, I don't know. I would be surprised if he doesn't support policies very close to those though.

  5. I agree with you that there's too many septuagenarians in the race, and for that reason alone, I'm certainly willing to take a look at Schiff.
    One minor editorial comment (applicable to anyone who reads this); it's past time to retire the "frat boy" insult. Fact is, most fraternity and sorority members have liberal social values and above-average education. You win elections by bringing people into the tent, not chasing them away.

    1. "You win elections by bringing people into the tent, not chasing them away."

      Agreed! Re: the frat boy biz – back in my college days (and, mind you, that was 40 years ago) frat boys were all drunken, rape-happy assholes. Maybe that was just my school and/or a LOT has changed for the MUCH better in all the passing years.