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Wednesday, April 28, 2021


I complained (of course I did) to the higher ups when they visited me (being a high level sicky has its perks) about the quality of service at both Spaulding and especially Marina Bay. I mean honestly now, these joints have stellar reps and yet they’ve got crap employees. Generally it’s the aids but there’s some amazingly awful nurses in there too.

The higher ups in both places gave me the same story. It’s hard to hire decent help during the pandemic. Huh. Rilly. I’d think that, with so many bidnesses shut, it’d be easy peasy to find loads of good, motivated employees. You just have to train them and train them well.

So here’s my theory, it ain’t the new employees, it’s not necessarily the trainers it’s Human Resources itself who’s dropping the ball.

Are the trainers vetted? Do they understand what the most important aspects of their job are? Do they get how to make a proper wheelchair to bed transfer for a patient with just one functioning leg? I don’t know how many aids I had to instruct oa ths matter.

 If your patient is deaf, have you explored best ways to communicate? The folks at Spaulding did. They set up an iPad on an IV pole. Folks just hit the mic icon and talked into it.

Marina Bay? Laughably (if this were a laughable matter) NO. They didn’t even try.
Just FYI, motherfuckers, the Americans with Disabilities Act is the LAW. Look it up, when you’re not, ya know, doing a heinously shit job at your high paying gig.

Make sure your HR team is top notch. If they aren't, your employees won't be.


  1. May I scream with you? Believe me, I share your rage. And I was soooooo hoping you wouldn’t go through the horrible experience of a leg that stopped working and the húge effort to recover function. Beware of depression. I know you are but I just need to say that because it walloped me AFTER I got home from Spaulding and realized that every single person who said, “yes, you will recover fully”’ had LIED to me. Wish I had more to offer you at this low point. I do believe that your leg will get better yet. And I am certain that you will find your way through this horrible experience with your own amazing strength, intelligence, willpower, outrageous sense of humor, and impressive lexicon of F words! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. I, on the other hand, feel like every time someone says ' you'll walk again' they're fibbing to keep my morale up. Depression is intermitant –you got through this – so will I. You're a great example.