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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

NOT my preferred cocktail

This is Day 5 of Donna’s No Fun Time with COVID. This, in case you weren’t sure, blows major bantha wang. I’m vaxxed and double boosted but still have soul racking coughing fits—you know, the kind where you only pause because there's no expellable air left in your lungs. I manage to drag in enough oxygen to restart my breathing only to hack it all up again, along with half a lung. At least my sinuses aren’t as fully banjaxed as they were.

If I wasn’t vaxxed and boosted, I imagine I’d be a guest (AGAIN) at Mass General Hospital—my home away from home. 

I had a virtual appointment with my PCP yesterday and now have a ‘script for an antiviral cocktail, I'm also taking Tylenol for more than the usual back pain and am in isolation (more than I already was). My sense of taste seems unaffected but DAYum, no matter how many times I brush my teeth and rinse, my mouth tastes like I've been noshing on republi/fascist Cheeto feet.

 Joy. Just motherfucking joy.

Clearly I need ice cream for breakfast!

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