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Thursday, June 30, 2022


I’m now in my seventh day of COVID symptoms. Shit’s getting better but I’m not back up to walking a half mile or more a day yet. I’ll need to ease into this. 

Unsurprisingly, I’m really sick of easing into things. I want to go out and run a mile. I want to peddle up to Wollaston Beach and back. I want to hit Nantasket in the pre-dawn hours, camera in hand, and wait for the brilliant color shifts on the sand, water and sky.

Today I’ll shower, go downstairs, wander around the kitchen, maybe sit on the porch, breathing in the scent of the hot sun on the shells and pebbles exposed at low tide. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel up to a walk down to the sea wall.

Stupid plague.


  1. Being sick sucks! Twilight, when the sky is peach and lavender, is my favorite time of day. I realize your photo is likely sunrise because you're an early bird. I'm enjoying seeing Cake chilling. I hope he's allowing you guys to pet him. I truly loved the dead mousie photo! What a good kitty!

    1. That actually is twilight. I looked out the window, saw the gorgeous light and asked Jen to snap a few shots for me :-)
      My dance with the plague is finally beginning to wind down. YEA!
      While Cake's not a lap cat, he's most def an affectionate, pat loving boy. :-)