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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Things You Should Know

Today is the one year anniversary of Cake entering our lives. Our little panther has, I believe, settled in nicely. He has his routines:

  • When Ten has a smoke on the front porch, Cake sits at the door waiting for him to come back in. Cake then flops out at his feet, waiting for pats and skriches.
  • Cake waits by the front door for Jen to return from her hard day in the print mines. Our boy accompanies her upstairs for a visit with me. Afterwards he escorts her back downstairs so she won’t get lost during her travels back to Casa Skitter.
  • While I’m being a slug from Planet Sloth, our angelic beast naps at my side. He always lets me know when I need to put down the book, get the fuck up and move around a bit. How does he do this? He jumps off the bed and stares at me fixedly. Cake walks toward the door, looks back at me—clearly saying “c’mon, let’s go.” He repeats this until I get off my ass and follow him.

Such a good communicator. I’m pretty sure he’s part sheepdog and understands that his job is to herd us.

* Brian Eno is John Cage’s little brother or cousin or something. HONEST!
* King Crimson were time travelers. They came to us from the distant future. We are grateful.
* Emerson, Lake and Palmer were aliens from another, clearly more advanced, planet.
* Frank Zappa was a genius with a great sense of humor. Captain Beefheart was his badly behaved punk buddy. I think...
* Long John Baldry, contrary to what you may *think* you know or have read in Wikipedia, was not a pale white young Englishman but an elderly Black blues man from Mississippi.
* Tina Turner didn’t die—she was transported back to her home dimension (whose atmosphere is rife with energy, hope, strength, music and joy). She’s their queen—they missed her. Of course.

Also, Terry Bozzio and Micky Hartmmm mmm mmmmmm. Percussion, yeah Babies. Quite possibly, these two gents are gods.
Peanuts have a lot of protein so peanut butter must then have a lot of protein. Protein is essential for a balanced diet.

Dark chocolate is good for us human types. It’s chockful of antioxidants (tied to lowered risk of heart disease) AND it has groovy vitamins and minerals too.

It follows then that peanut butter/dark chocolate chunk cookies are bountifully good for me and I should have some for breakfast.

One more reason to be pissed off that I’m deaf—Tina Turner doing Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love. I can’t hear this and that’s making me more than a little annoyed and sullen this morning.

I only mention it but I'd be a whole lot less pissy and unpleasant if I had another peanut butter/choco chunk cookie. World peace would be great too but I'll settle for a cookie.

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