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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Things—needed and not

Why is this a thing?
Spider Venom That Causes Big Boners Could Be A New Viagra
What’s wrong with the old Viagra? Is this spider venom somehow superior? Does it give a longer lasting, stiffer stiffy? Is this, outside of the adult film industry, needed or useful?

On average women are fertile on 36 to 60 days out of the year. Men, on the other hand, can fertilize eggs 24/7/365 days of the year.

Let’s fund research into new boner meds after women have equal rights, including autonomy over our own damn bodies.
Great slams from John Scalzi’s latest book Starter Villain:

  • Bourgeois Fistula
  • Scrotemonkey
  • Pustulant Trash Fire
  • Smoothbrained—This insult derives from the belief that the more folds a person’s brain has, the smarter they are. So, the thinking goes, a person with a smooth brain is dumb as a rock. (source)

The character, who’s a clear insult virtuoso, is a dolphin whose pod is attempting to unionize. He’s def not going to win his cause through cunning diplomacy though.
You know you’re old and out of touch when you’re constantly saying/thinking who?

  • Pete Davidson???? Is he a game show host? Maybe one of Faux News’ talking zombie heads?
  • Jordan Peterson? No fucking clue who this is.
  • Taylor Swift? Yeah, I get that she’s some sort of big time entertainer but what does she do? Is she this generation’s Barbra Streisand or Whitney Houston? Ya know, a Broadway style belter or what?
  • Tim Scott? I understand he’s a Black Republican (paging Mr. Paradox, white courtesy telephone) congresscritter AND a tightly closeted gay individual. Why does he occasionally appear in my newsfeed though? Has he done something brilliant or heinous? Since he’s a Republi/Fascist, odds favor the latter.
  • Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner? No idea who they are BUT I see they’re getting a divorce and it’s a nasty one. //shrugs// I’m hard pressed to give a damn about wealthy, healthy white people woes. Yup, I appreciate that they’re in emotional pain but, seems to me, they’re in a position to suffer in luxurious comfort.

Yes, I can google these folks and I have. None were worth the effort.
Colorado Congresswoman LOOK-AT-ME strikes (herself smack dab in the face) yet again.

“It’s been 20 years since I was in the dating scene,” she told Waters. “And back then, there were not infrared cameras watching my every move. But it’s a lesson learned.” (source)
So, as long as there aren’t any surveillance cameras, it’s okay for her to illegally vape, record and give the boyfriend a handie in a crowded public theater? She can also be as rude and obnoxious as she wants as long as there aren’t cameras to record and put paid to her lying ass “apologies?”

I only mention it BUT I’ve done a lot of stupid things in my life but I’ve never been THIS much of a tiny brained, entitled twatzilla. Nor have I ever been this trashy and moronic on the U.S. taxpayer’s dime. But, hey, nice new tits, chicky!
So I’m scrolling through Threads and come across this:
Ukraine is already having success with their current unitary warhead options, most notably the…
Maybe it’s just me but I first read this as urinary warheads. Before I thought that can’t be right, I was wondering what a urinary warhead would do. Golden showers a la Cheeto in Russia* but in a grand, major battlefield way? This alone could win the war because Russian soldiers would be too humiliated to continue raping, torturing, murdering and bombing their way through Ukraine. No one wants to be peed on, without consent, for a worldwide audience.

Emmm, I went back and reread—unitary warhead.



 * yes, I know that P01135809 wasn't, purportedly, golden showered—he just watched. STILL—icky and twisted.

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