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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Riddle Me This

If we leave the house at 8:30 for a 10AM appointment at Mass General, it will take two+ hours to go the 14 miles from Vahalla’s front door to the doc’s office. This means, having left 90 minutes versus 120+, I’m gonna be late and need to reschedule.

If we leave the house at 8AM, that very same commute will take one single hour and maybe 15 minutes. I’m then nearly a full hour early. Ah well, I can always stop for coffee.

Question—does time get warped between 8 and 8:30? Is there some time/dimensional rift that goes down on 93 north at 8AM?

Yesterday I was actually early for my twice postponed (due to the evil commute) Swallow Doctor appointment. Results? I’m basically fine though I’ve stumped Dr. Song. Ya see, the difficulty I had swallowing my food this past summer (and the summer before) cleared up as soon as summer’s heat passed. Dr. Song tells me that, normally, swallow issues usually come up in colder weather when the air is drier. NOT summer. Why is my larynx being a contrary dick?

I’ll see Song again in July when my swallow function is expected to be in revolt again. Also, we’ve made the appointment for 11AM so we can avoid that 8-9AM time sink.

More BIG FUN with neurofibromatosis type2.


Do you remember Fractured Fairy Tales? It was a short feature of every Rocky & Bullwinkle Show—a retelling/reimagining of extant fairy tales narrated by the great character actor Edward Everett Horton.

There was Leaping Beauty where, instead of Beauty falling asleep for a zillion years, she becomes an awful bore who puts everyone else to sleep.

Son of Rumplestilstskin where the son fares no better than his father. 

The Enchanted Gnat was about an ungrateful child. 

In another Fractured Sleeping Beauty the prince, instead of waking the princess with a kiss, turns her into a Disneyland-esque tourist attraction.
The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show was my absolute favorite as a kid. There’s a very good chance that I’m gonna need to buy myself the entire series on DVD. Maybe I’ll wait and see if prices drop after Xmas.


I learned a new phrase—trauma dumping. It’s confused with but NOT the same as venting.

Venting: When you’re venting, you share your frustrations with someone you trust to reduce your stress. You’re intentional about what you share and aware that you’re venting. You may say something like, “Can I just vent for five minutes?”

Trauma dumping: With trauma dumping, you overshare difficult or intimate personal information without the other person’s consent or during inappropriate times. You don’t consider how your words impact the listener, and you’re not open to advice or solutions.
Venting is a healthy way to share negative emotions and reduce stress. But with trauma dumping, you overshare in a way that makes the listener feel overwhelmed or ignored.

I’ll bet I’ve trauma dumped a time or two and, if I’ve done that to you, I’m SO sorry! Like most folks, I’ve also had a friend or two trauma dump on me. In any close friendship this is gonna happen. An important thing—make sure you’re on a two-way street. 

If you’re not? Sometimes all I can do is set firm boundaries and recommend the dumper see a therapist.

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