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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

An Update!

 Hello friends of Donna!

I have only GREAT news to relay to you regarding Donna's brain surgery yesterday!  Dr Curry was able to remove most, if not ALL of the massive tumor on her right frontal lobe.  He said he was very happy with the outcome, no surprises were encountered, and he delivered this incredible news with great joy that bordered on mirth.  He is clearly in the right field: brains, mad skills and a wonderful bedside manner.


Donna's amazing ICU nurse, Tina, knows both Dr Curry and Donna's neurologist Dr Plotkin well, and has been working with them since they were MGH Residents.  She remarked at how personable they both are, what amazing doctors they've become and that she knows they will both be pleased that she is caring for Donna.  That makes at least a dozen of us!

On an endearing side note, Tina expressed concern that Tom and I weren't eating enough, and that we should take a break to get some lunch. She even grilled me about what what we would be eating for dinner when we got home.  What a sweetheart!

I'm so happy and relieved to share this awesome news with you guys.  Stay tuned... I'm sure our favorite Warrior will return to you soon.



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