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Monday, July 21, 2014

Castles Made of Sand

Yesterday Jen and I did something new — we went for our run/ride together. You see, until I get my outrageously spiffy nine speed edge e² I’m a wickedly slow tricyclist and can barely keep up with Speed Demon Jen. Attempting to maintain pace with her (I did pretty well, actually) was a good challenge and great boost to my work out.

My short term goal is to get in fine enough shape that I can go for long distance rides with Hillel once the e² is here. Long term target is the 175 mile Hebridean Trail.

I can do this — oh yes I can!

After our joint run/ride (which will now be a weekly thing) Oni, Jen and I drove up to Revere Beach to view the Sand Sculpting Festival results.
Awesome if mostly comic con/Game of Thrones/sci fi-ish style. Fine by me but it would’ve been cool to see other styles. Maybe a little Helena Bangert or Martijn Rijerse. I wonder how I could get into something like that — it looks like a ton of fun. Must unleash the google-foo and research.

The last time I was at Revere Beach was in the early ‘80s. Back then it was a rocky, bouldery thing with just a thin strip of sand. And it was always jam-packed. Yes it was a relatively easy blue line ride away BUT it wasn’t the divinely peaceful scene that I was looking for — not with Kelly’s and all the traffic on Revere Beach Boulevard RIGHT THERE. When I’d get an ocean jones back then I’d, instead, take the commuter rail up to Manchester (now Manchester-by-the-Sea *sniff*), to Singing Beach.

Money doesn't talk, it swears.
~Bob Dylan

I was stunned, yesterday, to see the incredible change. Revere Beach is now a wide, sandy thing with the main thoroughfare well back from the seawall. There’s a long island of lawn and trees separating them too. OK, there’s also three tall, posh looking condo complexes too. Its funny — walk a few blocks inland and there’s the old, tightly packed, down at heel Revere. All the money’s along the beach.

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