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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Team Grant on our maiden voyage to invade the young Green Miles' domain
I found, during my excavate and review efforts, pics from one of the trips we all took to see the young Green Miles.

Miles went to to Syracuse which seemed a zillion miles away particularly since we didn’t have a car back then. What we’d do is this — rent a van so that:
A) The Amazing (and very tall) Bob could stretch out to the max
B) Jen, Oni, Dave and Joe could come too.
Miles has a big extended, oddball family. We travel in herds.

Wickedly cool sculptures outside the Everson Museum in Syracuse
Since Miles was a dorm dweller, we all stayed at a hotel. It was kind of funny (what are we? Team Miles? Is this a home or away game?) and fun. After visiting with the poor boy (“who is this band of disheveled, foul mouthed mutants crowding around our RA?,” I imagined his charges and friends thinking) we’d trundle en masse back to our temp digs. After stopping for snacks and trashy mags we’d file into our rooms.

Joe and Dave, after mebbe the first expedition, elected not to bunk with TAB and I again. Apparently we’d get MUCH too silly for them. Ya know that was bound to happen — TAB and I’d take a little toke, turn on the cable (CABLE — such a treat!) comedy movies and start our own riff fest. Yeah, we’re annoying as all hell but FUN!

Jen and Oni were our roomies after that. Yup, Joe and Dave weren't entranced by our clear and obvious charms. This worked out just dandy apart from the fact that TAB always devoured all the Nantucket chocolate chip cookies before Jen could snatch more than a couple (I had to buy these in bulk for the High Metabolism Twins).

Other cavalcades were to Plattsburgh, New York where the Green Miles was news director and talent wrangler at WPTZ. From there he moved, briefly, to Providence, Rhode Island and then down to D.C. Unfortunately, life had the temerity to interfere and Team Miles never made it to either of these digs.

Now though, he’s the Senior Communications Manager for the National Wildlife Federation and he’s back here in Massachusetts. We get to see him, his lovely wife Bethanie and their wee bairn Olivia without having to rent a van, book a bunch ‘o’ hotel rooms, hire cat sitters OR annoy the crap out of each other.


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