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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Don Berwick for Gov!

My friend David Holzman wrote me yesterday and has given me the greenlight to share his email.
I first encountered Don Berwick when I was assigned to write a brief profile of him for the Harvard Med School Dean's report. I was immensely impressed with his brains and integrity. I've been further impressed seeing him speak as he runs for governor. I'm enclosing a note my neighbor sent out which expresses my reasons for supporting Don Berwick for governor. If you're not a Massachusetts voter, please forward to any Mass voters you know.


Dear Neighbors,

I am voting for Don Berwick for governor in the Democratic Primary because I think he could be a transformational leader for Massachusetts. Don has a well-articulated progressive vision for the Commonwealth. Instituting single payer health care (Medicare for all) is a cornerstone of his vision. As the former national director of Medicare, he is amply qualified to oversee the transition to single payer health care. He was denied a longer term after his recess appointment because of Republican opposition.

Don truly believes that money saved by single payer health care will provide funds to grow the economy, fix our roads and bridges, etc. and, most importantly, provide the poor with the resources they need. Don is the only candidate opposed to allowing casinos in the Commonwealth.

What also sets Don apart from the other candidates is the strength and passion with which he puts forth his vision. That was nowhere more evident than in his speech at the Democratic Convention, acknowledged to be the best delivered by any candidate,

For me, in addition to his potential for dynamic leadership, I cannot forget the moment in the Cary Hall forum last January (for the five Democratic gubernatorial candidates) when Martha Coakley said that she was in favor of better mental health care because her brother was a victim of suicide. Don was the only candidate to tell her that he was sorry for her loss. That kind of caring is built into Don's whole career and his hopes for Massachusetts.

Please consider casting your vote for Don Berwick in the Democratic Primary on September ninth.


Anne Grady
We have a pledge yet to keep — the pledge we made again this morning. We said ‘...with liberty and justice for all.’
‘All’ means ‘all.’

~ Don Berwick
Need more reasons to cast your vote for Don Berwick? Check out Blue Mass Group's Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Don Berwick On September Ninth post.

Here's the bare bones.
Reason 10:  If you like Elizabeth Warren, you will LOVE Don Berwick!
Reason 9:  You’re smart.  He’s smart. We need smart!
Reason 8: Don may have saved the life of someone you know.
Reason 7: President Obama picked him to be in his Administration. Now we can pick him at the Primary on Tuesday, September 9th!
Reason 6: The healthcare system is broken and Don can fix it.
Reason 5: He’s a Knight!
Reason 4:  A casino to solve our financial problems, really?
Reason 3: Don Berwick can beat Charlie Baker in the fall.
Reason 2: Education, education, education.
REASON 1: He’s doing it for all the right reasons!
Get outta the boat and go read the rest!

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