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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Farewell Fine Wookie

Addio buona Wookie
Abschied gute Wookie
Adieu bonne Wookie
and a rousing געזעגענונג גוט יינגל

Helen and fam’s wonderful, big, furry old boy, Juda, is going in for his last vet appointment today, Yup, he’s gonna take the big sleep. It’s the right thing to do for our ancient boy. Still, it’s 999 kinds of hard.

Whenever the Browns come to visit, the Wookie is with them. He stays in our house while the rest of the fam jams themselves into Jen and Oni’s wee guest room. Why doesn’t he pile in there too? Cats — potentially of the ninja, warrior, dog eviscerating variety. Best not to test them.

Yes, I have Princess Coco but, for all her sharing struggles, she was cool with the Wookie. It’d take her a half a day to remember that he’s harmless, friendly enough and had a healthy respect for Coco’s territory. Except for, of course, the food bowls. Juda could NOT resist the Fancy Feast. But hey, who can!?
So, Coco took her meals either on the kitchen counter or in our bedroom and that was fine by her. Everything was OOOOOOOK.

When Juda bunked with us, I did his morning walkies and The Amazing Bob had the afternoon shift. It’s something TAB and I never thought we’d do — we’re full on, crazy cat people. Arse biscuit patrols, in foul weather or fine, is just one of the rock solid reasons why.
Still, for our gentle, ancient Wookie we walked, plastic bag for poop scoop-age in one hand, leash in the other.

Helen had to prep the little girls, Madison and Juliana for this big change. Juda’s always been there. He’s older than them.

When putting the girls to bed on Thursday night, she told them they should hug and pat Juda a lot the next day (his last full day). They asked, “Why, is it his birthday?”

Yup, that kicked off the waterworks — mine and Helen's anyway.
bound heavenward,                             
ship of the moon   

Everything flows, nothing stands still.
Nothing endures but change.


I watch the ripples change their size
But never leave the stream
Of warm impermanence

~David Bowie
Some things will never change. Some things will always be the same. Lean down your ear upon the earth and listen.
~Thomas Wolfe
So then, bon voyage, godspeed, ciao and ¡Hasta la vista! good boy.

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