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Monday, September 15, 2014

Update From Tux Central

Rocco on my former, now his, studio chair
Coco on HER blanket
 So, here we are at two weeks and some change and Rocco's still mostly a basement studio dweller. During the night though, he's been known to make scouting runs to the upper floors.

How can we tell?

Eh, one morning there was not-Coco poop in our bathtub. I wanted to commend him for using the loo BUT he missed the can by about five feet. Perhaps this is just his way of saying "All bathrooms belong to me!"

Another night, The Amazing Bob came downstairs, in the tiny wee hours for some reason, and there was our brave boy, sitting in the window, handsome as good old Richard III, checkin' out the nightlife.

Coco seems pretty chill, just curious, now — this despite the fact that, I do believe Rocco's snarfing some of the food we leave out overnight for her. We're finding empty bowls most mornings and the kitten rarely, pre-Rocco, ate all her Fancy Feast. Rocco has his own midnight snack food but...em...he's a hungry boy and our girl just isn't a big eater so if it's OK with her it's fine by me.

There've been no kibble battles or any other sorts of brawls as far as I can tell and, boyhowdy, if our girl was peeved she would surely, absolutely let him know it!

Things are strangely peaceful.

I'll take it!

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