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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

And They're OFF!

Eight Miles High — Hüsker Dü

OK, we're not exactly off yet. Soon though.

Also. by the by, I LOVED the Byrds version of Eight Miles High and, boyhowdy, "loved" seems like a pale a verb right this moment. After I heard the Hüsker Dü version? It was all over. THIS was how the tune was meant to be rolled. 

Yep. Indeedy.

Jen and I are experiencing the usual separation anxiety, the guilt over not being home to fuss over and cosset our problem kittens (Skitter and Rocco) but...well...such is life.  And then there's the men folk missing! No Amazing Bob, no Awesome Oni for a whole entire week? 'the fuck?! Whose brill idea was this?



Why can't we transport our universe to every new damn place we go? Not a lot to ask, if yur asking me.

Meanwhile, Jen just told me that there's a 20 minute delay for boarding. Sigh. I need a smooth-ish trip. Yeah, don't we all?