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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I Know

orange dawn
Day three of no internet

I have friends who will leave their doors unlocked for me so that I can pop over at 4:30 in the ever lovin' AM to use their computers. Yes, I am a fortunate, lucky duck to have such pals.

I know.

Things I need to remember when I, so early, plant myself at Paula's or Jen's for email checking, Words with Friends, bloggy goodness and general surfing
A) It'd make a boatload of sense to know, to learn how to navigate on these foreign to me machines before attempting to load images from my camera. I've almost always tippy tapped away on Macs versus Windows. I'm totes at sea here!
B) Passwords! Those suckers aren't saved on any other system 'cept my own. Doh!
C) I have an old, creaky but def fab-for-my-needs version of Photoshop living on my computer. I use it ALL the damn time. It'd make oodles of sense to remember that most folks don't have this handy dandy, awesome app. I hear tell there are, possibly, other image manipulation apps that come standard, built in even, on most computers. Huh. I should learn more about that, eh. This'd, of course, be more of an issue if I could actually sort out how to download pics from my camera to begin with.
I miss my computer *sob*! (whine, snivel, kvetch)
 Paul Simon — I Know What I Know

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