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Friday, October 3, 2014

Oh Look...

It’s Friday!

Friday and I can’t sleep.
Woke at 1:30 this morning just angry as all hell. ‘the fuck? Warum ist das? Pourquoi est-ce? What’s with that? Honestly, what up?!

Bad dream? Not that I recall. I was having some odd REM fueled vision — it was nighttime and The Amazing Bob and I were driving down some twisty turny rural road down near the Cape. Bast only knows what we were doing/after/chasing/investigating/whatever.

There was no trigger, no WAKE UP NOW moment. There wasn’t any obvious fire starters like the other night.
I’m baffled.

Here’s the thing. I just gotta remember to have a cuppa Sleepytime before bed. We always have some in the house but I NEVER remember to have a cup while enjoying my pre-snooze read in bed. Doh!

So then, given my agitato, kvetchy state, I give you Ellie the office cat. His (Ellie is short for Ellington? Ellsworth? Elton? *shrugs*) most fav thing is to sit on or directly in front of the printers. When he hears them revving up he goes on hyper alert. Ellie stands by the HP watching, waiting for the very first appearance of the offensive intruder — the copy. Yesterday he was too fast for me, snatching the paper in his sweet furry chops and zipping off with it down the hall.

Yeah, I learned to speed over and stand directly in front of the machine immediately after hitting “print.” Ellie was displeased. Vexed even with a healthy side of annoyed. He is, after all, just trying to protect us...or something.

Poor thing.

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