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Sunday, November 9, 2014

I Only Mention It But....

NEW and like jumping to light speed.
My new trike is in!!!!

I'm just back from Littleton, New Hampshire where my Helen, her wee girls and I were having a grand weekend and HERE IT IS! Just took it for a short ride and manoman, it was like going from a crop duster plane to a Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptor — amazing. Just fabulous. There're a few bugs to be worked out (occasional chain slippage?), I need to adjust to the new configuration (two wheels in front versus the back) and I need to learn how to use the gears. I've never had a bike or trike with gears before.
Old but awesome.

Tomorrow Grand Master Bike Fixing Oni Flash will work magic on my new ride.

PSYCHED! Psyched and molto eager to start long distance ride training. That dream of triking the Hebrides?

Now within reach.


  1. Ah the joy of new wheels. Go fly, my friend (and let's see when we can get together so I can show you how to use dem gears).

  2. Soon!!! I on't mention it but, so far, this coming weekend's forecast is rain and snow free :-)