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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Skitter McMurrer Snow

Four years ago at about this time, Skitter up and moved in with Jen and Oni. Sure, they had a choice in the matter but, c'mon, look at that face! How could they possibly say no to her? OK, I was working on them too, doing the big over-the-top sell job. They already had two cats and were reluctant to take in one more.
"But, but," I cried, "she's sweet, cute, fun and flat out fucking adorable! Our little fuzzball was just born a few months ago over in that patch of tall grass in our neighbors yard? This is her home!"
Arm twisting was really unnecessary. When has that ever stopped me though?

So this is Skitter's anniversary of kicking the feral lifestyle. I wonder what I should get her. Her very own kickwheel? Piano lessons? Tickets to La Bohème? Jen tells me that Catnip Treats are always a good bet. Phfft. How is she gonna get any culture if she's stoned all the time?!

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