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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Vampire Bob

Nota bene: the pic at right? That ain't me babes and we aren't there (Nantasket), drinking in the glorious, endless ocean view. Nope. It's another Saturday on MGH's ER observation deck.

Last night, right after our evening repast, The Amazing Bob was feeling, first, big time indigestion and then heart pain. NO, it wasn't my infamously wretched cooking. We were having left over Chinese food. Honest!

This has happened, only more so, after two other chemo infusions. The first time was at the beginning of February's Blizzard-a-thon. The second time was during another, more weanie-ish, big ass snowstorm. So, we've done this before. We know the drill.

Though TAB's pain was beginning to chill the fuck out, I made the executive decision to get the rescue squad in for a visit. Better safe and alive than not. Ya know? I knocked on Jen and Oni's door, they made the call and, seemingly seconds later, our wee cottage was swarming with those magical, muscled, calm, gracious, talented EMT dudes.

We're now familiar with the ambulance teams. Wonderfully nice chaps. Last night's crew was the same one who toted Jen off to hospital when she had the VERY SAME chest pains after her chemo infusions. Jen and TAB--pretty sure they're genetically, not just spiritually, related.

In any case, by the time the lovely MGH ER docs and nurses got hold of my beloved, he was doin' grand and groovy--happily feelin' no pain. Still, they couldn't just send us home without checking things out. No, they could not. Did my handsome man have a heart attack or what? Tests had to be done so he had to bunk in for the night.

*sigh* This tune ALWAYS goes through my head when TAB and I are apart.

The verdict this morning? NO--my TAB did NOT have a heart attack. YEA!!! What the fuck happened then? Em, not sure--deaf here, not following all the docs are saying. What I do know is that he had chest pain, not an attack and they're giving him a blood transfusion now because his own didn't have enough oxygen in it. Huh? Like I said--deaf here, not sure of all the tech details. After TAB finishes sucking down a gallon of Tru Blood or so, we get to go home.


So then, why this image accompanying a hospital post? C'mon! Please! For as lovely as all the MGH folk are, we'd rather be there (duh) with the appropriately meditative schtick it's got goin' on. Wouldn't you?