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Sunday, March 15, 2015

What to do? What to do?

I woke up late this morning and, if I’m to do my mall walking before the shops open (much, MUCH too crowded during biz hours) I gotta get outta the house in minutes.

BUT can I bear to hoof it past all the big promotional posters?

There’s the one for the mega homely jumpsuits. Hint: if it looks like a snooze worthy, frumpy old potato sack on the lovely, lithe, blond model who’s paid mondo bucks to make ugly clothes attractive, how do you think it will look on, ya know, us mere humans? Also too, rolling up the pant legs to capri length paired with three inch tall stilettos does NOT help this look.

But, but it’s cheap! $19.95. Perhaps the makers should just give up and donate these to the poor, the homeless. Except that’d be cruel. The destitute have enough indignities in this life—they most def don’t deserve to be fashion atrocities too.

Can I bear to fast walk past the Coach store with their heinously overpriced, banal bags? 350 smackers for a carryall? Sure, it’s a cute pastel blue (Which will show the dirt fast. Do I feel like cleaning my purse every day? NO!) and Coach bags have a rep of being made well but 350 clams!? No thanks, I believe I’ll pay my water and heating bills instead.

What about that large poster advertising teeny weeny bathing costumes? Can I stand to zoom past the unhappy looking, pouty, giraffe legged model again? Em....

Yep, you guessed it—mall walking is not gonna happen today. Still, for the sake of my sinuses, mood and weight struggles I GOTTA have some exercise!

What to do? What to do?

Hot damn, I just had a great thought! There are snow showers in the forecast but they won’t begin until later this afternoon. Plus, the temps will reach the low 40s by noon. I’m gonna get my trike up out of the basement and I’m goin’ for a ride! Oh yes I am! The snow mountains have receded enough that I’ll be safe as long as I stick around the neighborhood.

Yes, YES, YES! I’m trikin’ today!


  1. Oh I am soooo jealous. My biking buds have been making noises about getting out by the end of the month, followed quickly by fear of the derailer-eating potholes (thanks, Sheldon, for the clarification: As of this weekend, I think I can finally get to my bike, which has spent the long, cold winter months in my snowed-in shed. I don't think I'll ride any time soon, but perhaps it's time to do a bit of lubing and brake adjusting by way of dreaming of coming afternoons feeling with wind blowing through my, um, helmet.

    1. Sadly, I didn't get out yesterday after all. Well, I had a long walk around Nut Island—the paths being mostly clear of snow now—which was fab but no triking. I hope to get on the road today though.