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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Follow the Money

Laurence Tribe—he’s 73 now and just took a job with a big ass coal company. He's doing what he’s been paid to do—sell out the American people (or try to) in favor of earth destroying dirty energy.
Mr. Tribe, 73, has been retained to represent Peabody Energy, the nation’s largest coal company, in its legal quest to block an Environmental Protection Agency regulation that would cut carbon dioxide emissions from the nation’s coal-fired power plants — the heart of Mr. Obama’s climate change agenda.
Another day, another round of devastating analyses that rebut and debunk Big Coal’s hired gun, Laurence Tribe. His own colleagues at Harvard Law School (HLS) have dismissed his arguments against the EPA’s Clean Power Plan as “absurd,” “false,” and said they have “no plausible [legal] basis.” Perhaps that’s why, as Tribe’s colleague’s note, the Harvard Law professor had “a quiet, yet unmistakable retreat from his earlier pronouncements” after being called out.
Why is he doing this? Does he need the money? Hard up for spondulicks? Outta dosh?
Tribe swiftly ended an interview with New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait when he refused to disclose what percentage of his income comes from the coal industry.
He took a bad financial fall during the Bush economic depression perhaps? Who didn’t? Supremely sad to see him trashing his legacy.
 Wisconsin Bans Public Lands Staff From Discussing Climate Change

Is Wisconsin trying to out-crazy Florida?
The Board of Commissioners of Public Lands then voted for a measure on Tuesday "prohibiting staff from engaging in global warming or climate change work while on BCPL time." Staff will not even be able to respond to emails about climate change, according to Bloomberg. Staff at the agency are tasked with managing some of the state's public land and maintaining a trust fund to school libraries.
Seems kinda, sorta like it'd be part of their, ya know, JOBS to be able to answer questions on how climate change is and will effect PUBLIC lands.
Adamczyk has taken a special interest in the commission’s spending since he took office in November, reportedly calling for Nelson, who is the daughter of Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson, to be removed from BCPL’s letterhead within a week of taking office, and telling Nelson he was “beyond disappointed” that the office maintained a New York Times subscription, and urging its cancellation.
How far up your ass does one's head need to be or how far up the ass of dirty energy donors asses does one's head need to be to make such an insane, planet battering stand?
The measure affecting a small number of Wisconsin state workers follows an alleged effort by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to stop employees from using the terms “climate change” and “global warming” in official communications.
I only mention it but, given Florida’s Don’t-Utter-The-Words-Global-Warming mandate, I expected Rick Scott’s biggest donor to be big dirty polluters.

Biggest corporate donor, that I could find is MBF Healthcare Partners to the tune of $1,795,176. Sounds like a group of doctors, nurse and other healthcare providers, right? Nope.
MBF Healthcare Partners is a Miami-based private investment firm focused exclusively on the healthcare industry and specializes in strategic growth equity investments and leveraged buyouts of middle market companies.
Huh, they're sharks. Nice. It's totes unsurprising given Scott’s Medicaid expansion killing habits.

Two energy companies come in next. NextEra Energy tossed him a sweet $810,120 and Progress Energy now merged with Duke Energy chipped in $600,000.

Why are these people selling the planet out from under us? Why are they shooting Mother Earth in the heart? Do they not have kiddles and grands who will inherit our good Earth?

Follow the money.

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