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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Stress Management: The Process Continues

calming—like visual Valium, eh?
  • I lose my glasses. I've three pair—distance, reading and sun—that I need to keep track of. The very expensive, brandy new distance ones are MIA (Still! After a week!) so I broke down and ordered a pair online. Waddya know—inexpensive, a style I love and a gorgeous hard shell case. Not perfect but mostly awesome.
  • I forget my keys in the car and sometimes I even leave the car running. DOH! I fried my last car, the ancient VW Beetle, that way. So far Bix seems OK. Yes, I'm extraordinarily lucky that no one's stolen the car and/or contents yet. The contents? Mostly reusable grocery bags, and giant bags of cat litter that I've still not hauled into the house.
  • I lose my phone. It's currently among the missing. Probably hiding out wherever with my glasses. Seems to me Apple ought to invent a self-finding phone.
  • When dialed up to 12 on the old stressometer, my balance becomes more craptacular than ever. Why? Staying upright takes concentration, Sweeties. When that's shot, I walk into walls, trip over curbs and, just generally, ambulate like a three sheets to the cyclone drunk. Once again, I'm lucky. Apart from some black and blue spots and a few aches, I'm groovy. No broken bones. Yea me.
This, naturally, brings me back to my current destressification scheme—movies.

In order to fully appreciate and enjoy the big going-out-to-the-movies experience, seeing as I'm all deaf and shit, I need captioning. You knew that, though.

How can I tell which shows are CC and which aren't? I could get Jen or The Amazing Bob to call the theaters that are showing flicks I wanna see and ask. I can check out their websites and see if there's a legend/a note saying ja oder nein. AND I can go to the website Captionfish and check.
Also Diazapam-esque, no?

Sadly, most indie and arthouse flicks aren't shown in theaters with captioning set ups. For those I gotta wait for Netflix.

So then, I'll have to wait for Ex Machina, which has science, mystery, adventure and Bast knows what other fab-ola stuff, to show up on vid (or whatever passes for "vid" now). I'm not left in a flick-less lurch though. After all, it's SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER time!

But, but, but....

Jurassic World—doesn't open until June 12th
Fantastic Four—June 19th debut
Terminator Genisys—July 1st—I'm in agony here! Also too, what's with the "y" in Genesis? Is it hip city to misspell words?
Pan—July 17th—is that even in this same decade?

Out now but not sure if I want to part with the drachmas for tickets:
The Age of Adaline ~ Great premise except, except, it's a love story and that's just not what I'm after.
Woman in Gold ~ The description makes it sound as though it can't be other than bleak and depressing—not at all escapist BUT it stars Helen Mirren who I love.
Far From the Madding Crowd—yeah, it's love story-ish BUT it's Thomas Hardy and the babe's doing the choosing, not the chasing.

Meantime, also in service of destressification, I continue to do my knee exercises and ride. I want to go off on afternoon long pedals but it's still, sadly, too soon. Not only am I getting back into shape after the long, snowy, trikeless winter, I'm attempting to be smart (for once) and not blow out my wonky knee with too much too soon.


Probably. Maybe.

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