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Friday, June 12, 2015

Happy Dance City

We’re doing the happy dance to end all happy dances here in Valhalla by the Sea.

We saw The Amazing Bob’s Cancer Doc yesterday for the skinny on his post chemo PET scan and blood work. TAB is now CANCER FREE!!! Not only did the Hodgkin's Lymphoma give it up for the chemo, the Mantle Cell shit did as well. Remember, way back in the beginning, Doc Abramson said they felt it was likely they could cure the Hodgkin’s but the Mantle Cell...not so much.

Now, BOTH cancers are gone. BOOM! Cured!

Where do we go from here? TAB’ll have some big shot every two months BUT it's just an insurance measure, to make sure the cancer stays gone. YEA!

The doc said that, in a couple weeks if TAB's still majorly fatigued (an artifact of chemo-fication), I’m to call (have Jen ring-y ding-y, that is) and Doc Abramson will set him up for some reverse vampire action. A blood transfusion. At the rate he’s going, before it’s all said and done, he’ll have had more blood in and outs than Keith Richards (apocryphally). Meantime, the love of my life’s appetite is beginning to return—slowly but surely.

Our hero WILL be tap dancing on the ceiling again by autumn, I’m sure of it!

YEA, Happy Dance City!!!!!!!!!!!!

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