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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

GREAT Jones!

Yesterday morning started in sublime but steamingly hot Valhalla and ended in the somewhat less blisteringly hot Berkshires. Yes, I've scored another invite to the Annual Jones Family Vaca—yea me!

Last year we were in West Virginia which was gorgeous and utterly fab if for no other reason than, hello, Fiestaware Factory Outlet! Also too, the trip to the local grocery emporium was  an adventure all on its own—like a visit to a strange and mega foreign planet. Awesome!

This year we're in Western Massachusetts and how tremendous is that? I was able to drive versus fly AND I'm simply mad about this part of my world. Mountains and calm sweet lakes *sigh* If I was monster rich, I'd have a second residence right here.

Unfortunately I'm only here for a couple of days but they'll be art filled and grand. Today, amongst other plans and plots, we'll be hitting the Norman Rockwell Museum. I've lived in Boston for 35 years and haven't been there yet. Yes, I find that pretty amazing too.

Naturally this tune's playing, happily, on my internal turntable this morning.

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