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Saturday, July 25, 2015

It's Picture Day

I decided that we needed more color and more light so I’ve replaced our first floor drapes with beaded curtains. It's true, I'm going for a whole seraglio effect. Rocco and Coco are standing in for the pet Dama Dama. And yes, yez, they get OT pay (i.e., extra treats) for that.
The drive down the Pike from West to East would be tediously unbearable if not for the incredible cloud activity. Not so easy to capture when I'm the one driving.

This tune floats into my head. Happily.
Cloudy, my thoughts are scattered and they're cloudy
They have no borders, no boundaries

They echo and they swell
From Tolstoy to Tinker Bell
Down from Berkeley to Carmel
Got some pictures in my pocket and a lot of time to kill

Hey sunshine, I haven't seen you in a long time
Why don't you show your face and bend my mind?

These clouds stick to the sky
Like floating questions, why?
And then, of course, Kraftwerk's Autobahn pops in. 

Here are some lovely, blowzy sunflowers seen on yesterday's trike excursion.
and, once again, I've got this beaut playing on the internal turntable. YES!

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