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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Beach Day

While there are assuredly endless, wondrous ways to celebrate a birthday, I do believe I’ve got the lock on, most probably, BESTEST dealio. Beach. Beach, beach, beach. Add Helen and grands to the mix and, boyhowdy, MEGA BEST!

We packed up Helen's van with a cooler full of fruit and ginger ale, Jen and Oni’s beach umbrella, towels and beach blanket and buckets (sandcastles!). We were all set to suffer through the 90º heat in comfort. 

It was awesome. More than awesome. We snagged a decent parking spot so our walk to the sand was very short, the breeze off the ocean was fantastic, Helen got the umbrella up without a hitch AND the water was cool, not cold. TREMENDOUS!

I was a bit surprised by the crowds. That is, by the time we decamped—around 2:30—the joint was practically SRO. Granted, we’re nearing the end of August. Kids aren’t back in school yet, this is vaca time for most and it’s hot as all hell. I imagine there were more than a few folks playing hooky from work too. Makes sense.

The people watching (another fun birthday activity) was aces. Humans of every size, age, color and style ambled by. Also, we were planted in the area where surf lessons are given. Cool to watch all the studenten (mostly teens) flailing about in the calm surf. I wish I coulda been up there with them. Next summer, Julianna and Madison will have surf lessons.

Here’s what I think I’ll do for my next big Nantasket day—I’ll bring my walker.

I hear you, ‘You have a walker, Donna? I thought you and the legs were OK now. No?’

The walker's from after my last big brain fry-up after which I was unable to walk on my own. Legs are fine now, I can ambulate unassisted but my balance continues to, generally, suck giant piranha wang. I can’t wade in Nantasket’s mini breakers without toppling over. Helen stood by my side and held me up as the nudging wavelets put forth their best efforts to knock me catawampus. Jen does the same for me (holds me steady NOT knocks me over!). I totes plus appreciate it. Honest! Still, I’d like to stand there on my own, breathe in the great salt air, feel the waves wash over me and feel just a little bit independent.
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  1. Cool, Donna! Really great way to spend your birthday. Amazing how full the beach is compared to when we were there...but it wasn't swimming weather then, of course.

    1. You GOTTA come here in summer. Another thought, we get a beach rental in Sicily some August :-)

  2. Yes or maybe Tuscany (!) :)