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Sunday, January 24, 2016

It's Happened Once More

I passed by his sad, chubby, little corpse countless times this morning before I noticed him laying there...dead. Poor dear.

The Amazing Bob said that, in the tiny hours of the AM, he heard our Princess Coco. She was on a tear—performing complex acrobatics, spinning and thrusting and running a marathon or three down on our first floor.

Knowing that she was having mondo fun and in high gear he, wisely, remained abed. Never smart to get between our girl and prey.

I feel just awful for this tiny, sweet looking mouse but, at the same time, I know that I'm now safe and de-verminized. Who knows, he could been one of those cereal killer type rodents (I hear they've quite a thing for Frosted Mini Wheats), a con in Topo Gigio guise or, even worse, a militia mouse! *gasp*

Knowing that Coco and her incomparable ninja super powers are on the case will help me sleep much easier tonight.

Killer Queen—Queen


  1. Send it to the GOP front runner could add this note ..."I Smell a rat ...ohhhh ... It's you! My bad."