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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Kevin Tudish—Author, Fashion Designer

Remember my friend, the author Kevin Tudish? In addition to writing he enjoys drawing. Occasionally he posts his creations on Twitter.

His flower studies put Xavier Casalta’s illustrations in mind only Kevin’s are looser, more flowing. They feel alive. In contrast, Casalta's, gorgeous as they are, have more of a static, wallpaper-y feel.

In any case, Mister Tudish has been discovered! A rep from the clothing company VIDA saw his work and contacted him.
I came across your artwork online and absolutely love what you are doing - your work is elevated, unique, and creative.

I am writing today with the hope that you will consider collaborating with us…

Kevin wrote that:
VIDA seems like a cool organization. They partner with makers in Karachi, and provide literacy programs to those makers. As I understand it, the sales of items on their site have a direct impact on literacy in Karachi. So, it's nice to see my art in a new venue, and to have it also function as a delivery mechanism for literacy.
“We believe it’s time to rebuild commerce - for the mindful, global citizens of the modern world.”
I can share my art in a new context, and let that work provide literacy opportunities for men and women half a world away.

What an amazing opportunity.

See my collection at (scroll down to see the selections) 
By the by, if you've not read Health, Happiness, Love, Longevity, Peace, Prosperity, and Safety: Surviving the Luxury of Silicon Valley yet...well, boyhowdy, do it. It's witty, engaging and charming as all hell.

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