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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bully, Bully

When and where has attacking, belittling and condescending to someone ever been a successful way to win an argument? Just FYI, spewing wild distortions and even lies about the candidate you oppose, and imagine that I support, doesn't motivate me to join your camp. Just the opposite actually.

How's about you tell me not only what your candidate stands for, his/her voting record and accomplishments but also, how he/she plans to affect all the positive changes being pledged. Ya know, give me hard facts and workable plans.

Sell your candidate—show how he/she will successfully implement his/her plans so is therefore superior.

I’ve been in a deep rage over an acquaintance on Facebook who’s got a nasty habit of being mondo condescending. She reliably goes all Purity Posse on me and has shown that she’s unable to discuss our differences in a civilized, respectful manner. She’s always on the attack. I’ve tried changing the subject and just plain ignoring her in hopes that she’d go away. Yesterday morning she hit me outta the blue with this shit. No provocation whatsoever—just BOOM. Flame on!

Taken off guard and sick of this shit, I didn’t employ diplomacy—I challenged her in kind. That is, I was condescending right back but not quite as rude. She countered with You're preaching to me; you haven't told me how's she (Clinton) is different (from Trump). Please accompany your assertions with EVIDENCE…

The bullying teacher. She went on too. I responded, simply You’re hilarious and shut the show down.

If I felt she’d have listened (yup, she’s more deaf than me) I’d have said Being preached at, condescended to—doesn’t feel so great, so productive, now does it? You want evidence? How’s bought you supply serious, scholarly footnotes to all YOUR assertions.

She's clearly unable to recognize that her own tactics are coming back at her and doesn't seem to understand (or care) how she comes off. Maybe she lives in a bubble? Perhaps everyone in her circle of friends are precisely the same. //shudder//

I realize there are people who love nothing more than a good insult-a-thon brawl. I'll never understand that. What does either party gain from supercilious, mud-flinging combat?
I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.
~ George Bernard Shaw
This is a friend of a friend from college. She's lived in the Czech Republic all her adult life yet feels she's an authority on life and politics in the US. Bully for her.

With her combative, condescending, bullying, bullshit attitude she’s never gonna win anyone over to her way of thinking. Perhaps that's not even her goal.

Also, just so’s ya know, being talked down to as though I’m a dimwitted child is a great way to get rid of me. Maybe that was her objective? It worked.

Please, remember who we’re up against in this next presidential—Cruz, Trump and Rubio. Three very dangerous assholes who make Bush II/Cheney look, well, less evil incarnate-ish. They will destroy every gain we've made with Obama.

If we want to make leftward progress we must be united AND we need to vote in reps and senators who will support a Prez Sanders or a Prez Clinton.


  1. There's a person on my FB friends list like that, too. I put her on the restricted list, so she only sees things I mark public.
    She's a relative, so it didn't take long for her to notice that she isn't seeing all my posts. Now she's all hurt about that. Too bad: actions have consequences.

    1. Exactly!

      I need to do a 'restricted list' too.