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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Let’s Dance

Happy dance that is.

This is a way far from complete list of things that are making me happy this morning.

1) My myriad wonderful, supportive, interesting, sane friends (sane despite the fact that they want to be friends with yurs truly).

I like most, if not all, of their partners too. How often does that actually happen? OK, more than I credit but still….awesome!

2) I can go for walks on the beach when the tide’s out. EVERY DAY!!! I can stare at cool shells, keep the seagulls company and stare at the big beautiful sky.

3) The Amazing Bob. Damn, I love that man!

He won't tell me who he's voting for in the upcoming primary which says to me that he's not casting his vote for the same candidate as me. That's AOK. Honest! He sympathetically listens to my rantings about the Berniebros (who, should Sanders not win the nomination, can realistically be considered a root cause) and doesn’t get all defensively condescending (as even the most rational of Sanders supporters have).

Meanwhile, I had a dream last night that he was leaving me. WHAT? Why? He said that he loved me but had to go find himself.

Naturally, I woke TAB to ask him if in fact he planned on leaving me so that he could go find himself.
He groggily replied, I'm right here. 
So that means you're not leaving me? I wanted to be sure. Of course.
No, not lost. Am right here.
OK, go back to sleep.

4) Carrot cake from Saint Fratellis.

5) Jen!
We met at Froggies for a post work drink last night. I was making up the bed just before I left the house, tripped over a puddle of blankets and crashed to the floor. Banged up a knee and an elbow but there was no radical damage. Meanwhile, 30 minutes later at the pub, Jen walks in with something wrapped around her left elbow. What’s that, I asked. Ice pack. She fell. At precisely the same moment that I did. We REALLY need to stop with the mirror illin' shit.
Rocco, waiting for MORE pats, please
Coco, waiting for me to open the door
6) Oni!
We have similar-ish taste in sci fi literature. We’ve been reading The Long Earth series by Terry Pratchett and Steven Baxter and John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War books I think it’s my turn to pick up the next book. Must check in with him on this today!

7) The Boston Percussion Group will be performing at Boston College on March 15th. I’m gonna make a big effort to get there. This will be the first percussion concert I’ve been to since the big deafening. I know! What took me so damn long!? I’m hoping I’ll be able to sit close up and really feel the music. Of course.

8) I got off my ass (OK, I was in a chair while doing this so, technically, I got on my ass) and did our tax prep way earlier than usual. Generally, I’m scrambling at the end of March/early April. Last year I swore to Bast NO MORE! Waddya know, I followed through. Looks like we’ll even have the paperwork over to the Tax Dudes this week!

9) It’s triking season again! Temps are in the upper 40s and more so, as soon as the rain stops, I can get on the road again. Yea!

10) Oh yeah and cats. Our furry overlords always make me happy.


  1. Hey, you could probably talk me into joining you at that Boston Percussion Group gig. Let's chat.