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Monday, February 22, 2016

Today's Diatribes

Detail from Rodin's The Gates of Hell
How about, before we do the free college thing (which sounds AWESOME!), we fix the public schools that we have. Ya know, K-12, so the kids who don't want to go on for a BA, BS and more, can all get a decent education.

What’s needed to fix our public schools? Beyond providing actual, adequate, real funding for all schools, I don’t know. There’s plenty of interesting ideas around. How's 'bout we take politics out and put money in? Wouldn't that be a great start and doesn't our country deserve a future with smart, well educated, creative thinkers?
Rocco's with me on this
I’m sick of seeing these pics and stories on Facebook about animal cruelty. Really.
Last week, a young Franciscana dolphin was killed on a beach in Argentina as a consequence of rough handling by throngs of eager tourists. The animal, along with another dolphin, had reportedly been yanked from the water so people could take photos. (source)
Honestly, I’m mega aware of how awful people can be. I truly do not need to see these images of drunken, idiot spring breakers. Nor do I need to view even one more pic of an overly monied, ego tripping, pool of pestilence playing big game hunter, standing over the corpses of animals who, undoubtedly, had more compassion and humanity than their killers.

Why is big game hunting even legal?
Now that Cliven Bundy and his family of treasonous asswipes are in jail, awaiting trial, can we charge and arrest Senator Tom Cotton (R-Egoville.) and the 46 senators who co-signed his blindingly stupid and seditious letter to Iran. You know, it was the one where he attempted to sabotage Obama’s nuke elimination deal with Iran ALL to score political points. Yeah, it was in all the papers. Oh and Cotton also thinks gays in America should be happy with whatever table scraps they get because at least you can’t be put to death by hanging here like you can in Iran. Yeah, he's a real, solid, big thinker, he is.
The weasel wears the look better
And while we’re throwing Cotton and his confederacy of seditious dunces in the clink can we toss Las Vegas Assemblywoman Michele Fiore in as well? I mean, just for a start and all.

Fiore of the all gun Christmas card and the cancer is a fungus that can be flushed out with salt water, sodium cardonate (sic) She seems much more interested in sexytime photo ops than doing her job as Assemblywoman.

So does the turtle
Oh and Chief Obstructionist and Irony Killer Mitch McConnell—let’s at the very least charge him with illegal impersonation of a turtle.
…McConnell is nevertheless a special case. In recent years, specifically after President Obama took office, the Kentucky Republican turned obstructionism into an art form. He abused institutional norms and rules in ways his predecessors never even considered, filibustering everything he could, as often as he could. McConnell operated with a simple principle: If a bill can be blocked, it must be blocked.

Following his lead, Senate Republicans not only spent six years refusing to compromise or accept any concessions on any issue, it also imposed filibusters on every key piece of legislation to reach the floor. Before the so-called “nuclear option,” the GOP minority even routinely filibustered nominees they actually supported.
This is the Republican party and we on the left are bitterly fighting over Clinton and Sanders? Snap out of it mes amies! Yes, let's all calmly discuss who is better able to steer this ship BUT let's shitcan the bullshit, Republican style insults and slams. We need to unite before the “right” is able to destroy every last little thing that’s good about our country.

OK, that’s it for today’s rants. I think I need some soothing, restorative, possibly narcotic CAKE now. Yes. NOW!

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