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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Why I don’t watch football

I’m a chick—I don’t need a reason. Right?

It seems that many of my female friends watch and not just to keep their husbands, beaus and friends of the penis persuasion company. Even Jen enjoys tuning in to the games. OK, she tends to only watch the big ones—playoffs and super bowls but still...

I asked her why. She says it’s fun and exciting. She enjoys it. Yeah, I don’t get it but, ya know, I’ve got a few years under my belt now so I’m used to being in the minority in this regard. I’m cool with that.

My sports watching aversion, particularly football, began because watching an horrifically violent, war game-ish event, played by a bunch of oversize steroidal freaks just skeeved me right out. Isn’t life filled with too much aggression and violence already?

Plus, the scantily clad cheerleaders were offensive. How could these women allow themselves to be turned into nothing more than jiggling, ornamental tits and ass? Yes cheerleading is athletic but, c’mon now, the fans aren’t watching for the pyramids, arabesques and tumbling moves.

For all their efforts, their work, the women aren't making the big, respectable athlete-type bucks either.
But while NFL Cheerleaders bring in as much as $1 million dollars each season for their teams in merchandising and promotions, many get paid as little as $150 per game.

In fact, while NFL Cheerleaders do have some opportunities for outside appearances, many of these skilled athletes make less than $1000 per year. Comparatively, an NFL Mascot can make as much as $65,000 per season; and while some NFL teams have recently moved in the direction of paying Cheerleaders minimum wage ($9 per hour), the NFL pays Concession Stand Workers $12-$18 per hour. 
 Change.Org has a petition going. It's to the 26 NFL teams with cheerleader squads (yes I signed it). The cheerleaders want a wage that they can live on. OF, FUCKING, COURSE!

They could all easily make more as pole dancers in strip joints but those gigs don’t come with society's approval.

Anyway, over the years my reasons for not watching have become less impassioned and more calmly banal. I don’t find football at all interesting. Bored now. I totally get that the game is fun and exciting for most others and that I’m in a teeny tiny minority. No prob. I have a new sci fi book that I’m eager to start—Jonathan Wood’s No Hero.

So, ‘scuze me, while everyone’s watching the big game, I’m gonna go curl up with cat and book.

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