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Thursday, March 10, 2016


I just scored BIG points in Words with Friends with the word Geezer. This is the title that TAB generally uses for himself and his chums. That is, every Sunday morning he and his buds go out to breakfast. They refer to it as Geezer Breakfast. Of course.
TAB’s first marriage began falling apart when his wife became heavily involved in politics to the point that, well, she wasn’t home much anymore. And when she was, that’s all she talked about. He worries when I go on these days’ long rants. Ya know, I totes get it. That much blistering steam is carkingly stressful to live with. Hell's bells, I’ve a hell of a time with it too and I'm the one ranting!

So then, I am once more indulging in fluffy kittens, silly penguins and owls because alienating the love of my life is nae cool.

This is most def not to say that we can’t talk about all this heavy shit – we can and do. It’s just not healthy for me or us to go all tunnel vision-y. On top of everything else, 24/7 politics is boring.

Maybe I’ll doodle alligators and octopi next.
Rocco’s thing lately is to race across the head of our bed at around 2:30 each morning. He stands by my head, as I lay there, clearly expecting me to get up and pat him. He’s not hungry, no, just looking for attention.

It’s hard to deny him, given the long, hard years he spent as an outdoor, feral beastie boy. This morning, I just couldn’t. His stampede woke me but only just barely – not enough for my hair trigger pat and skritch reflex to kick in.

Clearly he’ll have tuna for snack later this morning. Ya know, to assuage my guilt and shit.
Oh and there was a debate last night between the Democratic candidates for Prez. You know, the adults were talking. Of course I missed it. On purpose too! Kalli Joy Gray at Wonkette live blogged the thing and it sure looks like taking a pass on it was a good idea.

Her call?
These moderators seriously, genuinely, truly, for real sucked. Just terrible.

OK, so that was my political crap for the day. I am now officially NOT talking about this shit ANYmore…today.
Oh LOOK! Kittens!

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