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Monday, March 14, 2016

Perp Talk

I got called stupid yesterday and, A-YUP, the perp was some BernieBro. Shocking, in'nt.  He objected to me saying something positive about Clinton. Seriously. That’s all it took. I wasn’t slamming Sanders – he wasn't a part of the convo AT ALL. I  simply said something about Clinton that could be construed as respectful and, possibly even, admiring.

What is it with these air-vexing miscreants? These pathetic examples of the American Left are, it seems, just lying in wait, breathlessly looking out for their shot at the big time. You know, where they take on the REAL enemy of humanity. Me, a 57 year old, blue collar, deaf broad, who doesn’t swim in the same sea as the Money Patch Kids. Poor BB bastards have me confused with Abominatrix by way of La Noonington. Yeah – I get that a lot.

Of course, this happened on Facebook. Social-skill Challenged, Cretinous, Smegma Brained, Feral Adult-Boy then went on to fling his very best, sad flaming poo – something about Clinton being a lying liar. Très unoriginal, you feces-bulbed SJW wannabee. I expect he had to change his didies afterward. Telling off some strange old lady on Facebook’s pretty heady stuff!

This puke-stocking was the Facebook friend of an acquaintance of mine. I now know that it’s best to not comment on his posts. Lesson learned. No, I didn't take the bait and join him in the mud pit.

I only mention it but the BernieBros, like the Naderites before them, are just the other side of the very same pus leaking, boil ridden, flatulent beast that this country has become. Bast forbid we have calm, thoughtful, polite, FACT riddled discussions about our differences. Mon Dieu, that could mebbe lead to …em…erm… something heinously awful. I’m SURE of it!

Wait, wait, I get it now – being in control of your anger, speaking rationally and backing up your arguments with actual, verifiable truth means you’ve a microscopic dick. Right? Common knowledge, eh? Right?

Dudes (and Dudettes too!), if you're that insecure and that outta conrol, please do the planet a solid – go out and buy a shiny, new, grossly oversized pick up . That’ll totally communicate to the world that you’ve got a schwanz the size of New Jersey. No really, I hear tell this works a real treat. Problem solved!

Maybe, after these folks are all kitted out with new trucks (or whatever it is that puts *ahem* lead in their pipe) we, on the left, can actually trade ideas, concepts and FACTS (versus twenty year old refried Republican smears). See, we’ll all grow. We’ll become powerful – able to beat back the rapacious attacks from the “right” with our smarts and collective votes.

Also too, a unified Left will attract even more fabulous, heroic, passionate brainiacs who, with an undivided party behind him/her, will be able to get SO much accomplished.

Think how amazing this would be. Just think how awesome it would've been if the Far Left hadn't played dissappointed, spoiled child and sat out the last couple elections. Yeah, Obama could've gotten even more done than he has while facing down a Denali of asswipian Teapublicans.

Yeah, not holding my breath. Rainbow colored unicorns and magic purple dragons will graze blissfully on the Common before we’ll be free of the loud, the proud, the IT”S-ALL-ABOUT-ME-ME-ME Emocrats and Emopublicans.


  1. i feel your pain. I am 58 and while I love the fact that the rethugs are self-destructing, I am concerned that the message of the left has been replaced. This is not about "us vs. Them".

  2. I , too, feel your pain. I'm 62 years old and have been "jumped" on by these a-holes more times than I care to say. I am an admin on two progressive pages, and have blocked people, according to our guidelines, over their smears, their lies and their outright hate-filled comments. They now call me a "bully' for doing so. I have never lost a friend over an election...until now. It's disturbing. Thank you for writing about it. I will vote blue, and it's looking like my true choice just might be our first Madam President!

    1. Thank you fellow Donna! They only call it "bullying" when it's done to them NOT when they do it to others.