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Sunday, April 10, 2016

LOVE my hair!

The wildly talented Jennifer Disorda
Just FYI and shit, I’m 57 and those words have never, EVAH passed my lips before.

Jennifer Disorda of Xentrix Hair Saloon in Hoosick Falls, New York is the responsible party and I’m thrilled to bits! (n.b, that’s Saloon NOT Salon. Yeah, I got a lovely glass of vino while my hair was snipped and colored up)

Before I got on the road for this weekend visit, Helen texted to say she had a surprise for me. Boyhowdy, I wasn’t expecting this!

I’ve kvetched about my ultra thin (or as hairdressers and friends oh so diplomatically term it, “fine”) bunny fur before at least a couple of times. I’m sure of it. I gave up on trying to find the bestest, most flatteringly hairstyle eons ago. OK – truth – I don’t think I ever looked – not even once. I was that certain that nothing could ever be done with the slight pile of fluff on my head.

Ding Dong, I was wrong!

Texting while purple and YES, hair now matches the bag.
Jennifer asked me what I’d like. I told her that I needed something short and easy – I’m not into big prep. Ya know, wake, wash and MAYBE run a comb through. Also, purple – a spot of purple would make me happy. And it does. Wickedly so.
I only mention it but, if you're in the area – upstate New York/downstate Vermont – you owe it to yourselves to make an appointment with Jennifer. Serious and true!

After the Big Fun Hair Time, Helen and I scooped up her husband John and the girls and motored over to Pangaea in North Bennington. On the outside, the place is vigorously unflashy, simple and modest, I would never have guessed that this joint would be so incredible on the inside.

There’s a bar/lounge section and a formal dining room. We chose the gorgeous, deep ruby hued lounge with its odd, vaguely skeletal, sorta brain-like drawings. OOF it was awesome!

I ordered the Bangkok Thai stir fry – beautifully light and peppery. If I lived here, I know I’d become a regular. Apparently, they can make many of their dishes vegetarian. Fabulous! Also too, their cocktail menu looked pretty amazing.

Wow, what a great day!

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